Yeah, I totally missed it on the 11-11-11 post thing.  I had to go to town early for a lunch date with an friend and then I had to go to work right after so most of my day was spent at Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Ala Moana Shopping Center

11:11 always haunts me.  It haunted me a lot before the wedding, every time my eyes glanced at clocks it would coincidentally be at 11:11am or pm.  It was driving me nuts.  It reminded me of a friend who was going through an 11:11 phase as the time followed her everywhere and it was freaking her out.  I didn’t quite believe it until it started happening to me.  After the wedding I didn’t see it much, but I laughed yesterday when I glanced at the clock and sure enough it was 11:11am.  I made my wish and got ready for my day.

The past few days at work has SUCKED for the people working at my company.  For one, people cancelled their appointments due to the fact the APEC Conference was taking place at the Hawaii Convention Center, right behind Ala Moana Shopping Center.  Locals decided not to brave the horrific traffic conditions being reported on the news.  Here’s the thing…I worked Thursday and Friday night, and on both days I left extra early so I could avoid this “traffic”…and the past 2 days have been the BEST driving days ever.  I encountered no traffic whatsoever on the highway or roads and made it to work super early and got home super quick too.

APEC 2011 Hawaii

I am lucky I work short hours because the appointments I do get, are seriously worth it.  When I looked at the books though, most of my co-workers who work a morning shift got zilch.  Nada.  Or just one measly appointment when on a regular week they got at least 5 or more daily.  That’s just sad.  Yesterday, 11-11-11, Veteran’s Day sort of made up for all the time spent waiting the previous days but when I checked the books for TODAY’s appointments, it was more than sparse, only 4 appointments were booked for the whole stinking day…yeah…I had NEVER seen a day like that ever before.  I’m hoping my co-workers got more appointments today, but with APEC in full swing, I’m not sure.

APEC 2011

APEC has drawn many dignitaries and heads of states here to Oahu.  All these big people one one tiny island has been strange.  We have the American President, Chinese President, Russian President and other prime ministers and presidents and CEOs and dignitaries here because of this summit.  We’re not used to having dog sniffing check points and vehicular searches just to get into Waikiki.  We’re not used to having armored vehicles and humvees and entourages closing roads so they can travel to their destination.  They say the economic impact to Hawaii will be beneficial and we won’t see the benefits until a few years later but right now, the APEC week definitely made businesses lose more money than expected.  Bummer.  I hope it’s true about the benefits to this, with all their talk of trade agreements.

I think it’s an honor they chose Hawaii for this big deal meeting, but I think it’s fascinating that the tourist in Waikiki that sustain our economy here had to practically lock down in their hotels during this weekend.  They had to close the beach in Waikiki to keep these dignitaries safe.  We have police, Secret Service, barriers, check points, etc…patrolling these areas in Waikiki, it’s so UN-Hawaii…unfortunately it’s too near to my work place…:-(

We’re pretty simple people here.  We work hard to maintain a life here in “paradise”, you have to in order to live here.  It’s very expensive to live here.  I guess in that way it’s a testament to the people that live here to stay away from any action dealing with the APEC meetings.  We don’t want to see tanks and cops and guns and helicopters ruining the sight of our sunsets and blue ocean.  It’s not us 🙂  So I guess I can’t blame people for staying away…we’ve got only a few more days to go of APEC.  Tomorrow the Presidents heads to the west side, MY side…and I do have to head into town for work, but I think even then I’ll miss the traffic.  I think I can conclude, I’ve been REALLY lucky 🙂  Yippee!

As one person put it, this will probably never happen again here in Hawaii, so it is a big deal and I think we’re tolerant enough to have everyone here on one island for one long week.  (sigh)  I just have to get through tonight and tomorrow and I’ll be good!

I hope everyone had a special 11-11-11 day.  I can say I had a good day and that’s all I ask for every day anyway.  Thanks for reading!



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