Hawaii, the spirit

I like what the president says about Hawaii at his welcome dinner-I feel the same when I think of Hawaii my home.

“Here we are literally in the center of the Pacific,” Obama said. “Here we’re reminded of the progress that’s possible when people of different background and beliefs come together. This is the most diverse state in our nation, home to so many races and immigrants and Americans who trace their roots back to many of your countries. Hawaii’s not perfect but I think Hawaii comes about as close as you’ll come to a true melting pot of cultures. Here we’re a single `ohana,’ one family.

“We remember that beneath the surface, behind all the different languages and some very long names, we all share the same hopes, the same struggles and the same aspirations,” he said. “And we’ve learned that we’re more likely to realize our aspirations when we pursue them together. That’s the spirit of Hawaii. It’s what made me who I am. It’s what shapes my interactions with all of you. And it’s the spirit that I hope guides us in our work this weekend.”


It’s Hawaii, we work hard and we are far from perfect but I think people here realize more quickly than other places that even a beautiful sunset can make our worse day feel way better. Being with “family” can mean more to us than being rich. Having family and friends here means you are rich in the ways that really matter. It’s made Me who I am and I’ve never forgotten that fact no matter where in the world I’ve been.

Aloha, it’s Hawaii. Some claim it’s harder to find these days, even in Hawaii, but it’s there, and I think because it’s harder to see it and find it, it makes it all the more precious.

Live Aloha. Take care of yourself and your family. Be conscious of others, respect your elders, be humble, have humility, and at the end of the day make things right in yourself and with others. As long as I’m trying to do this daily, I feel aloha in my world and my life.


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