I Don’t Practice Santeria

I hurt.  But it’s not what you’re thinking! 🙂

My body hurts even though I just got a killer half massage from one of my best friends, co-worker, colleague.  Ruined it last night when I got booked 4 massages equaling 4 1/2 hours of massage time in the span of 6 hours.  Can’t complain because it means I made money…BUT…I hurt.  Physically.  This morning I feel like I need a day off, but I work another 6 hour shift and I know I already have 3 massages booked this afternoon, 1 of them is my regular so I can’t disappoint her.  I’m just happy I have a regular 🙂

So what’s going on?  Thanksgiving is next week and I’m sort of excited.  Like I said, it’s Bobby’s anniversary so it’s a very introspective day for me.  I was “talking” to Bobby when I was driving to work yesterday about something I told him I would do…I am still trying to do it but it was like my promise to him so one day I hope I can keep my promise.  “Promises, Promises”…Incubus again, haha…

What’s up with my title post?  This song was playing on the radio last night as I drove home and I have a memory with this song.


I’m in Los Angeles and I’m a freshman in college and it’s Cinco de Mayo, so I’m at a frat house in UCLA, partying it up.  I’m wearing a short blue dress because back then I was skinny (oh how I miss those days) and wearing my chunky cork heels which had to be about four or five inches high (I loved those heels, I danced countless nights away in them!)

Skinny as I'll ever be!

I looked cute hoping to catch the eye of the guy I was always hooking up with at these parties.  The party was crazy and I was tipsy from the beginning.  A friend and I left the dance floor and we were chillin’ in one of the rooms on the pool level and then we were hopping rooms trying to run from somebody or something.  It was pretty funny.  We ended up in the room were my cutie boy was and he liked my dress.  But he also had his REAL biological brother there at the party and he introduced us.  It was awkward because his brother was drunk already and kind of touchy feely.  My other friend who was in the room threw some interference so I could be with the guy I wanted…just for a moment.  She took mister drunk brother out to the dance floor so I had a little alone time with the guy I liked, he told me to stay the night.  I said I couldn’t.

Fast forward, don’t know how I ended up with my friend and the drunk brother, but we were in the living room/turned dance floor and trying to prop the guy up and we were laughing so much.  My memory is a little splotchy because it was a wild night, but the three of us ended up on the stairs outside and I was cold in my dress but “brother” was heavy to prop up.  My friend and I thought it was hilarious and then a car drove by blasting “Santeria”.  So “brother” started singing it at the top of his lungs and he kept asking if we knew it.  Yes, we tried to tell him, we knew it, who didn’t?  Sublime was the shizznits at that time, in California, I have so many memories tied to Sublime’s music in Cali, so we started singing it with him…

His head kept lolling back onto the stairs as we sat there so we told him let’s go inside because it was cold.  We finally got him up and into the living room.  I have pictures.

LOL…because the party ended sometime at 3am but as always me and my girls stayed until god only knows…5am or 6am?  Anyway, the “after party” always started sometime after 3am…so the pictures are there in my album.  I look like I’m all over this guy in the picture, but I was SO not, I was really only holding him up…a very big misunderstanding to the guy I actually liked.  A few months later the guy I liked told me I hooked up with his “brother” (I thought, his frat brother?), no, this “brother”…I SO did not.  Is that weird…he wouldn’t have been weirded out if I hooked up with one of his frat bros BUT he took issue with me supposedly hooking up with his actual brother.  It ended between us sometime soon after that…good riddance.

But that was GOOD times, crazy GOOD times.  College were the best years of my life.  I could do whatever I wanted and I surprised myself by mostly doing the right things.  I was waiting to make more mistakes than I did…but I grew up so protected, I couldn’t shake that out of me.  But it was my saving grace.  Thanks for letting me take you down memory lane 🙂

“I don’t practice Santeria, I ain’t got no crystal ball…”


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