I Don’t Care if Monday’s Blue

I was listening to The Cure today so that’s why the post title.  It’s from Friday, I’m in Love.

What a day.  I went shopping, then I came home and talked to a friend but shopping gave me a headache.  It’s already 9:04 and I still have the headache, I just took Tylenol.  But I did make an appointment for a massage tomorrow.

I began to write this post at 6:30pm when I was waiting for Josh to come home.  I made dinner and wondered where he was.

Baked Rigatoni

I made baked rigatoni because all I had in the fridge was mozzarella cheese, half a box of rigatoni and then I found Hunts tomato sauce in the pantry.  Wallah! Dinner.

Texas toast

I also found some Texas Toast in the freezer.  Easy Peasy!

While I waited, I wanted to finish my x-mas gift tags.  I’m using left overs of craft supplies, so I can weed out the things I do have.  Sometimes I wonder if my craft supplies are actually crap supplies.  I hate clutter…yet here I have boxed up my clutter!

Xmas Gift Tags

Craft or Crap? LOL...I should say Scrap or Crap?

And I was about to call Josh just to make sure he was on his way, because dinner was all ready and I didn’t want to stuff in the fridge for him.  So I took pictures of the dogs before we heard the garage door lift.  Yippee!

Nani-Girl listenin' for daddy

Now that Josh is with the dogs when I go to work on the weekends, they wait for him with anticipation!  Nani-Girl listens very carefully for the sound of his car pulling into our driveway.  I told him and it’s true, the more he feeds them their meals and walk them, the more they bond with him and trust him.  I’m still the favorite since I’ve known them longer but the more he takes care of them, the more they love him too.

Does this dog talk?

Doesn’t Sky look like she’s talking to me in the photo above?  Pretty girl had her eyes twinkling with excitement when I asked her “where’s Daddy?”


I think we did a pretty good job waiting for Josh.  He walked in just as I was about to write this post.  It’s always a great feeling to see him walk through the door and greet us with love.  He’s as excited to come home to us as we are to greet him and that’s definitely one of the many things I am grateful for every day.

Thanksgiving is three days away and I’ve put the turkey in the fridge to thaw and on Wednesday night I will brine that baby.  I’m thinking of giving my oven a nice scrub down as well.  On my menu, the stuff I’m making for the party:  Turkey, Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing and Marshmallow Yams.

Nom, nom, nom, I can’t wait for the feast.  It’s a bummer I work on Black Friday!  Grrr…but on great news, I get my Sundays back starting December 4th!  Yay!! I’m so excited.  It’ll mean I’ll be working Tuesdays but I don’t care.  I miss my weekend…even if it’s just Sunday.  I want my Sunday with my husband and dogs and I’m finally going to get it again.

🙂 Yay!




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