Door to Door

The dogs were barking this afternoon and I swore I heard my front gate tampered with but I heard no doorbell ringing so I thought it was the kids in the cul-de-sac and maybe the ball landed in my yard.

Sky wanted to play.  When she plays she grabs a toy whether its caterpillar, bear-bear, or elephant.  Oh and of course there is ball-ball, her favorite.  All afternoon she kept squeaking one of these things, trying to get me to go outside with her because Josh played with her just so on Sunday.  Her memory is very interesting.

I took her out around 3pm and we ran around on the freshly cut grass (thanks to the hubby who cut it very nicely on Sunday).  We played fetch with weasel and then with a squeaky pink bear.  This husky has so much pent up energy, it surprises me that I own a husky.  By the way, Sky spied the neighbor’s cat, Harley today…oh MAN did she want to go after that thing.  Thank goodness cats can jump so well!  It climbed the fence and got away.  Makes me worried about owning a cat someday, I’ve been warming up to the idea because they are so cute and Josh loves cats.  I’m just afraid Sky may think they are TOO fun to have around.  Plus, I want a baby first before thinking of adopting any more pets!!

So it’s already dark outside, but it’s only 6:56pm, waiting on Josh who’s stuck in traffic.  Sky once more brought a toy for me to play with and then walked over to the front door.  I get the hint senorita!  I’m sometimes glad this dog doesn’t speak English!

Ball Ball


She wants me to TAKE it from her.



I let her out and she went straight for the gate.  The wind is nicely blowing tonight and I see what has Sky interested, it’s a flyer, taped to my gate and flipping over so I can see it almost trying to fly away in the wind.  I grabbed the flyer and laughed!

Little Stinkers!

Little Stinkers!  Check it out, it’s a dog poop cleaning service and I laughed because their name is clever.  AND it’s a shame they had to come and advertise in our neighborhood.  Not because we don’t need it, but because my neighbors have a PROBLEM.  They do not pick up their dog’s poop in the public common areas.  I pick up my dogs poop wherever I go around the common areas, in my yard, on the sidewalk-every where…you know why?  Because I’m a dog owner and I would be pissed if I wasn’t and found poop all over the place.

Check out the prices:


If I called them to have them clean my yard I’d be paying $9.00 for them to clean my yard twice a week.  Wow, this can get expensive.  I clean my own yard but the common areas don’t get cleaned up, not even by the dog owners which sucks.  I was thinking maybe since we pay maintenance fees they should pay for this service, give these Little Stinkers guys a contract for them to clean the common areas twice a week.  I’m sure they would jack up the maintenance fees but maybe this way, the homeowners who have dogs will learn.

It’s easy to pick up poop when you are out walking your dog.  Carry a plastic bag.  Maybe I have high expectations of people but I would think if someone owned a pet, it’s just common courtesy to pick up after them.  Know what I mean?  I guess what people do in their OWN yards is so not my business.

But then again, if people weren’t lazy, Little Stinkers wouldn’t be in business! Hahaha…yay for small businesses!  I give them credit for wanting to pick up poop.  I told Josh they should add grass cutting and maybe dog walking to their business and that’ll be awesome!

I actually LIKE this service.  I know this service is good for people who are maybe disabled but have pets.  Or busy parents who can’t even bother with taking care of the yard.

So if anyone is interested check them out!  I can’t give them a review because I haven’t used their service but hey if you need pooped to be removed, give ’em a call! 🙂

Little Stinkers.  SO CUTE. 🙂


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