Hibernating and Homeland

I wish I was a bear and could hibernate all through winter.  Not that the weather here in Hawaii is worth hiding from, but just to hide in a cave sounds wonderful.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?  Mine was successful but today I went home from work…because I wasn’t feeling to good.  I was sneezing, coughing, slightly feverish and I wasn’t sure if it was a cold or a sinus infection.  I still don’t know.  But Josh went to grab me some hot udon and I just gobbled that hotness up.


Udon from Ninja Sushi

It was good and all I need to do is SLEEP but I HAVE to watch Homeland on Showtime, it’s my favorite show.  I’m so addicted and I look forward to Sunday like never before!!

But let’s rewind:  Thanksgiving…

Cooking was easy peasy, the easiest Thanksgiving cooking I ever did.  It was great and the night went well also.  There was family, food and more food.  I almost cried when my sister said the prayer since it was Bobby’s anniversary, but I got through it.  We got through it.  We ended the night in smiles.  Just what I needed.

I heard about all the Black Friday chaos from the t.v.  I will never go to Wal-Mart on Black Friday.  It’s like venturing to Hell for a holiday based on the birth of Jesus.  Interesting to see people act like animals released from their financial prisons just to feast on boxes and boxes of Xboxes and blu-ray players.  Pretty crazy…to the people that participate, bravo for having NO fear.  Next time being some armor or wear body pads or something.  I had to work on Black Friday, so I saw Ala Moana Shopping center still packed with people at 2pm.  People were standing in lines for 30% of things…that’s not a good deal at all!  I consider good deals to be 50% or more…and stores don’t do much of THAT anymore.

The mall was almost as busy on Saturday as well, had to work closing that night too.  Today…the crowd was almost normal.  I went home early though because I was sneezing and exhausted.  It feels more like sinus infection/head cold deal rather than the flu.

Over the weekend, Sky and Nani-Girl kept me company.  Sky’s been super restless.  This dog wants to play EVERY hour.  She brings her squeaky ball, the squeaky bear, her bouncy ball, her squeaky elephant.  She wants to go for long walks, she wants to chase after the neighbor’s cat, she wants to play chase in the yard and just play, play, play….We play morning, noon, afternoon and night!  I don’t get it.  I was doing stretching on my yoga mat and she decided to lay under my knees, so I put my legs on her but she didn’t move, instead she turned over so my legs could rub her belly.  SPOILED.

She wants us to grab the Bear from her. Challenging.

Nani-Girl chillin' on the couch.

Nani-Girl is the same ol, blind and so adorable and affectionate.  She’s been more eager to play with the squeaky bear, but her energy isn’t the same since having SARDS and I think Sky misses the old Nani-Girl, the one that would chase her and bite her on the neck and play with her, growling at her.  Sky loved it…and now she doesn’t have that.  I know she wants to play with the other dogs in our cul de sac.  The owners let them off leash even though they aren’t supposed to…and they always come antagonizing her through the fence…but I’m sure she needs socializing.  She’s bored.  She’s a husky, they bore easily.

Our Christmas tree

Yes, we put our little fake tree up and it’s red and silver again, but I added the ornaments we bought in the Black Forrest in Germany.  And today Josh hung his icicle lights.


So I’m waiting for my show Homeland to come on before I go to bed.  Can’t wait!  It’s such an awesome show and is on the Showtime channel.  Josh isn’t into shows involving terrorist, the CIA and crazy endings but clearly, I am.  Every single episode has sucked me in, made me think one thing and at the last five minutes it BLOWS MY MIND.  I love it.  It’s an awesome ride of a story line and each Sunday it gives me something to look forward to.  Every time the show ends, I run into the computer room, where Josh is fiddling away and give him the recap and beg him to watch it with me.  It’s my favorite show.  The acting is solid and the thrill is just addicting.  If you like shows like 24, you gotta watch Homeland.

Homeland on my tv!

There are four weeks til Christmas…ugh, the thought of it exhausts me, but the best news for me is I have Sundays off starting this coming Sunday and Josh and I will be taking my nephews to the zoo or aquarium.  I can’t wait!

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and take that Vitamin C and stay healthy!



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