Killing Time

Ah!  I moment to relax just for a moment.

Happy last day of November everyone!  Did November just go by in the blink of an eye?  Is Christmas and then New Years only like another blink away?

Josh asks me everyday when it’s my day off.  What did you do today?  He confesses he just likes to hear me talk because it soothes him.

I know how that feels.  I used to work an 7:30-5:00 or 8-8 office job and being under those ugly fluorescent lights and sitting in front of a computer screen can really drain your brain.  It used to drive me bonkers.  I felt like I was trapped in a prison of my own making, thinking up things to do.  What report could I write.  Which book stack should I straighten.  How much ink should I use in a day and because I was bored, sometimes I used a lot of ink.  Sad thing is, most things I did in an office, didn’t take 8 hours of thought.  It required usually only HALF that time, unless I was deep in five projects at one time.  I lived for that moment of projects!

Now that I work part-time and my work schedule consists of six hour shifts from afternoon to night (until that changes in December) I have a few days off in a row which is nice.  I didn’t have a weekend off for a few months now but this month is when I get my Sunday back.  Hooray!  It does mean I make less money because Sunday is the busy day.  Prime working day!  Oh well…not going to cry about it.

So what do I do on my days off?  Do you wonder?  Probably not!

1. I clean the house: laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, putting things in order (because they go out of order every single day), dishes, etc…

2. I also care for the dogs: feed them, walk them , pick up their poop, scratch their tummies, baby talk them, stroke their fur, play with Sky and play some more, give them a treat or two and fill their water bowl.

See this? She is ready to play and run and play and run at 8 am.

3. On one of these days off I go grocery shopping at Foodland.  This week I cleaned the fridge before putting my groceries inside.  I don’t mind grocery shopping but can I just complain about transferring the grocery from my garage to my house.  I seriously hate it.  It’s just the many trips back and forth with heavy things in my hands…bleh…

4. Since it’s the holidays I’ve been baking, shopping, and wrapping gifts.  My guest bedroom is a total MESS right now and I mean, unlivable mess.  Because I have holiday stuff everywhere!

5.  I read, if I have a good book.  Hoping I get some gift cards this Christmas so I can buy some ebooks on my ipad *hint-hint* haha…

6. Also, I spend a lot of time online.  Yup…I’m either blogging (looking for quotes for my quote blog, writing some review of some book I read on my book blog and working on THIS blog)

7. And last but not least this is and on and off thing:  I write.  Yup, I write and write and write, chapters and scenes and chapters and scenes of some book that one day will become a complete story?  *not so confident here…but it’s what I love to do and there’s no shame in that!*


When the holidays are over, I’m going to tackle the GARDEN project that’s floating around in my head.  I picture a beautiful oasis of a garden (I’m dreaming okay?  let me dream…).  I also want a small vegetable gardens where I can try and plant tomatoes and green onion, just like my mom and dad does.  I want my own Versailles Gardens!  YEAH RIGHT!  Well, what I do know is that I want my plants in pretty pots!  Like the picture below.  I didn’t do that the first time around and I kind of regret it.  I love the look of terra cotta.  Right now my garden’s a mess….plus I’m waiting for Josh to gravel the other side of the house and leave me just a small plot of dirt for veggies.  He thinks I’m pretty ambitious and sometimes crazy.

Some ideas


I also need to decorate the walls in my house.  True, I am still waiting for my wedding photos, it’s coming SOON, my photographer reassured me.  But I have some ideas.  I just wish I had a bigger house with more ROOM to do what I want to my house.  I want a library like the pic below.  But I don’t have enough walls in my house to do it.

A library

I also love FRAMES.  I tried to do the frames thing in my old house and it kind of worked…not really…I wish I was as artistic and creative as Laini Taylor my favorite author!

photo via Laini Taylor

And because I don’t ever think people should be idle, letting their creativity and imagination die, after the holidays I want to dabble in painting again.  I loved it in college, then life got the best of me.  Why does life get the best of us sometimes?

So yes, I may have time to blog and wake up when I want to, which is usually 7:30am because my dogs can’t wait.  But that doesn’t mean I’ll sit on my butt all doing nothing.  I can’t not DO nothing.  With that said, it’s lunch time folks.  Time to turn on the telly and eat!

Thanks for reading!  What new projects are you taking up?



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