Last Christmas…

Josh and I were being lazy this morning.  I made eggs, tater tots and cinnamon rolls.  We watched Soul Surfer on Early Premiers on the STRZ channel (so made me tear up…).  Good movie and inspiration, crazy shark bite and beautiful scenes of Kauai and Oahu.

After that we got on our computers and I asked if I could play christmas music on my itunes and he said sure.  We were talking about the music as I wrote a squidoo piece on Christmas music when he stops me and says, “you got to watch something” so I wait and then he shows me on his ipad.

He starts cracking up and I tell him I’m frightened!  The guy in the red cap scares me, the one in the crazy fro is actually really good.  HAHA…What is it about THIS song?  Do you love it or hate it?  The song I mean?  I love it!

It’s so 80’s.  So Wham!  So George Michael when he had that “hair”.

Anyway scary video but we were totally cracking up.  Oh you youtube stars so brave, so viral, so out there, so youtube!

I couldn’t sleep last night.  I had 4 massages at work last night and got home at 10pm.  My right hip was acting up…the same way it used to years ago when I massaged full-time.  😦  I know I can’t massage for long.  Okay, I KNOW that now.  Something I did to it years ago went away when I stopped massaging and now it’s back.  So…I gotta rethink some things.  For now as long as I’m part-time and not overdoing it, I’m fine.  I guess four was too much.  I prefer two massages, even three, but I’m not young as I used to be, not as strong either.  I know my limits.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I get to take my nephews to the Aquarium tomorrow so I’m looking forward to it very much!  Will post pics soon.

For now enjoy these pics of my beauties:

Enjoying the Sun

So Serious


She looks Guilty and so cute!



2 thoughts on “Last Christmas…

  1. Canine anatomy…unabated. We were talking about Elton John the other day, I love ‘Step Into Christmas’. Also Slade and Wizzard (maybe UK only, not sure). Paul McCartney still makes £400,000 a year from his christmas tune. Just that one song! Have a listen.

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