Waikiki Aquarium Adventures

Today, Josh and I took my nephews, Jacob and Isaiah to the Waikiki Aquarium located across Kapiolani Park and right before the Natatorium.  Because we are Kama’aina, it only costs $14 to get in!  For all 4 of us, awesome deal!

The boys were bouncing off the walls and so excited to get there.  By the way, riding in Josh’s Lexus, Isaiah said Josh’s car was “COOL”….BOYS I tell you!  Only they would care at age 3 and 6! Haha!

I haven’t been to the aquarium since going for a field trip in kindergarten.  I remember it just the same.  The place is SMALL, which is pretty sad for Hawaii, since we have such beautiful ocean life here.  But I guess the aquarium would be small since we DO live in Hawaii and you’d just have to go to the beach to snorkel to have an amazing experience.

But although it was small…I had so much fun because the kids were having the time of their lives AND I forgot how pretty aquariums can be!  I got some awesome pictures AND for this post I filtered them with Instagram one of my favorite FREE apps.  Here we go-the beauty of sea animals.

Window Decoration?



Pretty Fishy

The Black and White Files

He's a monster!


The Jelly Fish Chronicles…

Oh did I fall in LOVE with jelly fish today!!

Shroom Head




Strings Attached


Ghost. I LOVE this.


See it Through



MAGICAL Seahorses

Pretty Lil Baby


Close Up Beauty


Friends of the Family

I nicknamed him Buddha-he's a WISE one.


Black n Yellow




Orange Delight


Vibrant Sea Life



Meet our Hawaiian Monk Seal friend, MAKA

Isn’t he a cutie?

Maka, the Hawaiian Monk Seal


Good boy!


Maka is Chillin'!

Family is important. Laughter is divine. 

This is Happiness.

Josh and our nephews


Aunty and her two favorite boys!


Snack time outside.

 Back at mom’s house…the fun doesn’t stop for a long shot with THESE kids.

It’s all about: playing with the fake fish we bought them, sword fighting, killing monsters in the rooms, building blocks, hide and seek, knock knock jokes, I spy with my little eye game, reading time, snack time AGAIN, legos and bath time.  *WHEW* All in the span of 2 1/2 hours.

The Kalihi Tree

Toy Ornaments


Car Ornaments


Snowman in the Window


Happy Happy Holidays


After their parents came home, we went to Tony Roma’s in Pearl City to each lunch.  It was perfect.  We attempted to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond afterwards but left because the parking lot was packed.  I didn’t want to ruin the day with waiting for parking.  Instead we went to a car wash in Mililani.

So I leave you with THIS photo 🙂

Frosty and Clean


I had a perfect Sunday.  Best sunday ever (Well, my wedding was the BEST sunday ever…LOL…but you know what I mean)…I can’t wait for many more “adventures”!


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