Christmas Lights

Josh bought our dangling christmas lights some time in October.  He was so bummed last year when we went to look for them and everyone was out, so he was way early this year and asked me when he could put them up.  I said AFTER Thanksgiving please.

Thanksgiving weekend, the neighbor across from us put up his blow up reindeer and snowman, he strung lights above his garage.  Our other neighbor put lights above his garage also so I asked Josh if he was going to put the lights up.  He did.  He ended up ON the roof of the garage by crawling out the guest bedroom.  He was starting to freak me out.  But he got it done!  He still needs to put lights by our front door, but he’ll do it this weekend.

Our house


The next day, something crazy was happening.  Our neighbor added lights to the top of the roof.  The neighbor next to us did the same and another.  I came home from work and walked into the house and said, “Honey, did you see what the neighbors did?  They have double lights!”

He wondered how they did that.  I asked, “Did they see you go out on the roof?”  We think they did.  They went out on the garage roof, took a pole and used it to hang the upper lights.  I saw one of the other guys did it, when he decided he was going to do it also.  It’s TOO funny.

This neighborhood and the men in it is SO typical.  When we first moved in, all the guys needed to get a grill.  On weekends we’d see them buy their gas grills and assembling them.  Josh loves his round weber charcoal grill.  It’s small and doesn’t take up too much room.  But I told Josh, what is this?  A competition to see who’s package is bigger?  Same with Halloween and who could scare the kids the most with decorations.  Same with Christmas with the lights and decorations.

The house at the beginning of the culdesac wins HANDS down.  Lately he’s added a blow up Santa and a 12 foot light tree in his backyard!  Can you imagine his electricity bill?  Yikes…some of these people still have the lights on in the morning…I wonder if they know it’s on.  What a waste!

The winner and his backyard!

There is even a light sharing going on across our house…lol…I thought it was interesting.

Share much?

When I drive through my neighborhood I look at each culdesac and there is one or two houses with some lights.  Then I reach my turn and I shake my head.  We are SO lit up in our culdesac, our electric meters are probably sky high just in OUR culdesac.  Ridiculous!  Ours is the most chaotic culdesac ever with off-leash dogs, roaming cats, kids and their parents all partying together.  Of course christmas lights would be a competition.  Haha!

There is a house on a street past our neighborhood who has a nightly light show.  One day I’ll walk down and take some pictures because it’s pretty amazing.  And here’s the grand finale picture:

Christmas Lights


Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂 and happy decorating.


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