The Countdown Begins and Tennis Ball Massage

It’s December 13th!  Um, no there is nothing special about THAT but there are 12 days until Christmas!  I think it’s 7 days until Hanukkah (my husband is Jewish) but we celebrate both.  On Friday I need to buy his gifts.  Gifts?  Yes…Hanukkah and Christmas gifts.  Lucky him.  But I think he got me a Hanukkah gift 🙂  But yes, the countdown has begun…meaning I better finish my Christmas shopping.

I had a HARD weekend folks.  Saturday to Tuesday, I worked and pulled in 16 massages.  My body was in pain Sunday, since I was stuffed into the new service room, the room with barely any a/c.  Oh was I sweating like I was in a sauna.  Reminded me of my old work place.    The Honolulu Marathon on Sunday brought it lots of tourists, not so many marathon runners, but lots of tourist.  I was so sore by the time I got home, I had trouble walking.  A muscle in my glutes and lower back was giving me trouble.  It’s the same muscle that gave me trouble years ago when I was massaging full-time.  😦  I’m sure it’s my posture and since I can’t wear sneakers in the spa, my feet hurt too.  My feet hurt, then my legs, then my glutes and lower back.  I’m not even going to TALK about my shoulders, arms and neck.  😛

But I was in SO much pain Sunday night, nothing Josh was doing (he tried rubbing my back) helped me.  Every time I moved in bed I hurt.  Every time I swung my leg over to get out of bed, that muscled pulled.  So I thought of something my grandma loves.  Tennis balls.


She would stuff it in a sock and lay on it.  I kid you not!  She’s a genius.  She did this decades ago.  I used it off and on over the years when I had a tennis ball.  I haven’t bothered to buy any in the past years BUT my lovely husband is now playing tennis at work to work out and Nani-Girl my wonderful blind dog found one in his duffel bag.  Josh said she could have it.  Well Sky stole it from her and it became her play ball until Sunday, when I stole it!

And yes I stretch, A LOT.  I have a yoga mat.  I try yoga poses.  I stretch everyday, sometimes thirty minutes of stretching after work.  I stretch at work between massages if I have time…sometimes, like Monday night I was slammed back to back with 5 massages.

Sunday night that tennis ball was magic.  Sky glared at me all night as I lay my buttock cheek on the ball.  It hurt.  Painfully.  I’m sure it’s my piriformis muscle.  So I worked the right side, groaning and moaning and cursing as Sky watched for a moment she could steal the ball away from me.  She gave up.  It took ten minutes before the muscles relaxed.  And since I was there I worked on my IT band also (it runs down the side of your quad).  It hurt so good.  Hurt as in I was about to cry.  But as I tell my clients….BREATHE.  Always keep breathing.  Then I did the left side which didn’t feel so bad.  I mean it hurt, but it was tolerable.  That night I slept well.  It was SUCH a relief!  Josh suggested I take Tylenol but that stuff doesn’t work for me.  Not for tight muscles.

I went to work Monday afternoon thinking it’ll be slow.  WRONG.  I got slammed with 5 massages back to back.  I was afraid my lower back would give out and sure enough in the first massage, it started to hurt so bad I thought I couldn’t stand straight up after bending.  Then I adjusted the bed and told myself not to kill myself in the massage.  The fellow went to sleep.  I just worried after every massages that I wouldn’t be able to make it to my car that night, but despite my feet feeling busted and my chest feeling stiff, my back felt okay.  Still, when I got home at 10pm, I ate a late dinner then digested for a moment.  Before going to bed I forced myself to lay out my yoga mat and lay on the tennis ball.  This time my right side felt fine but it was my left side that hurt really bad.  I laid on it for about 30 minutes, moving the ball from my glutes, lower back, mid back, my hamstrings, IT band, calves and even feet.  I even worked my forearms which are KILLING me.  My palm can’t be helped.  I probably have carpal tunnel.

Oh but I love my tennis ball.  I’m going to lay on it tonight also, especially because I had another 4 massages today.

Tennis balls are so amazing as massage tools that I found this amazing website.  Check this out!  LOL…  Hello, I need this for my car.  Or I could try and make my own!  I drive for an hour to an hour and a half at times and my lower back hurts.

Bed of Balls!

I mean, this stuff only cost….wait, how much do tennis balls cost?  Well compared THAT to a real massage session…ridiculous.  And I spend almost $200/month on full body massages just to maintain my body.  Tennis balls work wonders because as long as you can hit your trigger points, it’s sweet relief.

Calf muscle

I cannot stand my legs being worked on by a therapist.  I only trust my friend Judith.  She knows my leg pain tolerance, which is not high.  Now I’m working my kinked muscles out with my tennis ball, oh the things that make me SO happy!

Ahhh Sweet Relief

Just writing this blog is making me ache for my tennis ball massage.  So I’m going to end this right now and get to it!  Are you all done shopping for Christmas?


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