The Nutcracker – Ballet Hawaii

This Sunday, December 18th at 2:00pm, Josh and I will be watching The Nutcracker at the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall.  The performance will be performed by Ballet Hawaii.

Why did I decide to go this year?  Josh loves nutcrackers.  He bought one in Germany on our honeymoon.  Also, he has a fond memory of watching The Nutcracker in Philadelphia where he grew up.  I haven’t gone to a ballet show since I was a child when we went for a field trip in school.  I’m always in awe of ballerinas.  They have such grace and lithe bodies.  There is power in every muscle and such stamina.  Have you seen Black Swan the movie?  Ha!

The tickets for floor seats in the middle section was about $65 each with the fees included.   It seems pricey but I think the ARTS are well worth it.  We need shows like this in Hawaii.  We need to promote things like dance.  I was really sad when the Honolulu Symphony went bankrupt.  Every major city should have a wonderful symphony.  People should care about music.  My family taught me that.  My father taught me that by paying for piano lessons.  Thank you dad!

They have three shows this weekend, Friday-Sunday.  I’m excited to see the ballet because I love Tchaikovsky.  I think Ballet Hawaii should do Swan Lake so I can listen to more Tchaikovsky.  I’m sure it will be wonderful but I’ll do a review on it after I see it!

The Nutcracker


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