Knock Knock Jokes

Two months ago,  I was babysitting my nephews (3yr old and 6yr old) we were having fun and deciding what to play next.  They’re boys and Isaiah either wants to play sword fight and fighting monsters in the closet (which I can only play for so long…my hubby is WAY better at it) or we play hide and seek, or legos, or some pretend fantasy like taking off on the space ship (the couch) and traveling to other planets (the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom…)…so aunty (ME), was tired and we sat on the floor as they thought of something else to play…

I wanted to sit for awhile longer so I randomly called out: “Knock Knock” and the boys looked at me funny.  They repeated “Knock, Knock”.

I said, “No, you say: Who’s There?”  It took about two tries before they got what I was telling them.  And that started off the “JOKE” sessions.  I told silly knock knock jokes.  Like, “Knock, knock”  – “Who’s There?” – “Boo” – “Boo Who?” – “Why are you crying?

The boys thought it was hilarious even though in my head I thought my jokes were pretty lame.  They giggled, rolling on the floor but I immediately ran out of knock knock jokes.  So I asked them “Why did the chicken cross the road?”  That one got them laughing some more!

photo credit covertress

And then Jacob started asking me, “Knock Knock,”.  Oh boy…talk about LAME….but it’s so ridiculous I find myself rolling on the floor laughing and laughing because his jokes aren’t jokes but I think it’s SO cute that he tries!

And then he asked:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I don’t know, why?

To get to the mountain!” – you think he was being serious here? LOL….I was like, OHHH GOOD ONE! lol….

Another day Josh was there visiting the boys with me and I started the Knock Knock jokes again.  Add Josh’s lame Knock Knock and I was rolling on the floor again as the boys found Josh’s lame jokes hysterical.  We did it again weeks ago after taking them to the aquarium, Jacob actually said, “Tell me a knock knock joke.”  For a whole half hour we told each other Knock Knock jokes and Why the Chicken Crossed the Road jokes. Lame, lame and sooo lame that Josh and I were cracking up so hard.

photo credit Karla Dawn

Today, I went over to visit the boys and out of the blue I said, “Knock, Knock,” and my sister looked at me and said last night they were obsessed with telling Knock Knock jokes and she asked, “Did you teach them that?”  I started giggling because I could just imagine their parents faces when Jacob told his lame jokes.  They must have been thinking…”What the…”.  So this afternoon they wanted to tell me the jokes.  This time Isaiah wasn’t so shy, he was throwing me Knock, Knock jokes left and right and I could barely understand his punch line they were pretty long, like he was telling a story! LOL…One was…

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

Blanket”  (see he was looking for any word and he was picking things in the house)

Blanket who?

The blanket on the floor….”  he waits for my laugh and I bust out laughing for real because I’m so confused but he looks so earnest and cute when he tells his jokes!

photo credit Savage Chickens

Now Jacob has been learning some jokes because he told me a few good ones today!  He said:

Why did the dog cross the road?”  – these boys are obsessed with dogs, because I have two.

I don’t know.

To get to the Barking lot!

I applauded him for that one!  I asked him where he got that one but he wouldn’t fess up.  So now I’m looking online for jokes that I can tell them when we take them to the zoo in January.

Isaiah told me a why did the chicken cross the road joke, but his answer was all over the place but I laughed anyway.  I’m glad he’s starting to tell me jokes, usually he’s shy and tries to think up one but Jacob is rapid fire at them.  Now they go back and forth saying, “Aunty, I got one!”

Kids are SO MUCH FUN!  I had such a productive day today.  Now let me go find more knock knock jokes…. 🙂


One thought on “Knock Knock Jokes

  1. I laughed so hard at this, my eyes watered. Austen did the same thing when he was 3 or so. He used to have me on the floor crying. He would always laugh after he told a joke that made so sense. Great memory.

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