Sugar Plum Fairies

Oh, I LOVED The Nutcracker performance by Ballet Hawaii.  I know the music of The Nutcracker but I will be honest, I forgot the story.  All I remember from the movie back in the day was the living room scene where they have a Christmas party.

The Nutcracker presented by Ballet Hawaii

The kids in the ballet are so cute in their tights and tutus.  I was so proud of them even though I didn’t know any of them.  All their families were in the crowd though.  They must have been so proud!  They did such a great job dancing with the principal dancers from the New York City Ballet and other ballet companies across the nation.  What an opportunity for Ballet Hawaii.

Blaisdell Concert Hall

The first act of the ballet was the living room Christmas party scene which was fun and joyful, but it was when the girl dreams about the sugar plum fairies where I was lost in the ballet.  The dancers are so graceful and magical.  But it’s the classic piece of music that does it.  How can you go wrong with Tchaikovsky?

Like March of the Toy Soldiers:

How about Trepak?  The Russian dance in the ballet.  EVERYONE knows this song.  They play it in movies, shows, commercials…

Here’s another one everyone knows: Dance of the Mirlitons

I recently heard this piece in the movie The Young Victoria.  But they play this piece for many period movies involving a ball.  LOVE this song!  Flower Waltz

When the Sugar Plum Fairy danced, I couldn’t help get chills.  If you played the original Tetris at all, you were listening to Tchaikovsky’s music.

That’s my little preview of the music I heard today in the ballet.  Such a beautiful, beautiful way to ring in the seven days to Christmas!


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