Fresh Air

I have been quite spoiled with the central air conditioning unit in my house.  I grew up in Hawaii for 32 years without air conditioning and I survived.  The summers here can get hot and uncomfortable at times.  Every time I go to Kalihi to hang out with my mom, sister and nephews they hear me complain about how warm or hot it is, uh…I used to live there, a year and a half ago and I didn’t think I complained that much.  My nephew Jacob always says, “Sorry Aunty, you can turn on the fan.”  He means the ceiling fan and I think it’s very sweet that he cares for my comfort.  Sweet kid.

It’s Winter in Hawaii and it’s been nice and breezy, to the point that the other night, with my annoying dry cough making it hard for me to sleep, I asked Josh to turn off the a/c and to open the windows.  He thought that was crazy…but last night, he had a change of heart.  So after lighting our Menorah he opened the dining room window and the breeze that came in was cool, perfect and refreshing!


We opened more window and turned off the a/c.  I slept like a baby, FINALLY.  I went to sleep early and it was the best night of sleep I’ve had in the past week.  Today, the a/c is still off and the windows are open.  I believe we forgot how good fresh air is!

Happy Holidays!

I’m still trying to kick my cold, but I feel much, much better.  The coughing is going away, thank goodness.

Today is Christmas Eve and I’m watching the Giants beat the Jets but it’s still only the beginning of the 4th quarter.  Go Giants!  (Okay I like the Giants because I like Eli Manning’s name…I’m such a girl!  But I do, I like the name “Eli”). Next is Dallas vs. Eagles, and since Josh is from Philly you know who he’s cheering on.  Nani-Girl is napping on the couch, Sky is shedding like crazy which is driving me bonkers!  I’ve been vacuuming the house, brushing her hair and it just gets everywhere.  And she can’t stand when I watch football and get excited, she gets scared and runs upstairs!  Hehe…

Nap Time before Noon


The BEAST as we call her.

We were supposed to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo today but last minute we found out there is a Christmas party at my mom’s house this evening.  I say last minute meaning we only found out last night that the family voted mom’s house to have the party.  I guess I’ll have to buy food to bring since it’s a potluck and my mom actually works today.  Then we have a smaller gathering of my own immediate family back at my mom’s house again on Christmas Day, we’re ordering Tony Roma’s take out and feasting around the table.  I LOVE Christmas!

By the way…the Giants are kicking butt…

Oh and thank you all for the people that sent us photo cards, cards, greetings, gifts, food, and the end of the year “year in review” letter…we love it all…see?

My Family & Friends Board


Oh and lastly, me wedding photos came in and there is A LOT!  I got 150 prints AND 4 dvd discs of thousands of images!  CURAZY!  So there are even more photos I want to print I just need to look through it all and that takes time.  I’m very excited because it’s a great project for me and I look forward to it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and soon…onto the new year.  Can’t wait!

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