New Year’s Eve in Hawaii

Hello 2012!

Last night I was explaining to my cousin in England how New Year’s Eve is traditionally celebrated here in Hawaii.  This was the first year Oahu had a ban on fireworks.  The other islands had no ban.  The ban means no one could buy fireworks at the store without a permit.  Sparklers are not sold AT ALL.  Pop-pops are okay for the little ones.  They made this law to prevent New Year’s Eve being like all the New Year’s Eves I had experienced in Hawaii for the last 32 years.

Loud.  Smoky.  War-zone. Chaos.  A big fat fire hazard.  Tough for people with breathing difficulties and asthma.

They are trying to prevent house fires from illegal aerials and hospital calls from people getting hurt playing with fireworks.

I grew up playing with morning glorys, sparklers, lighting little rockets with a punk (stick with a lit end)-my DAD made me do it, he so wanted me to be brave around all these pyrotechnics and I was always scared to be burned.  We lit jumping jacks, running away squealing if they came to close.  My uncles strung up the 100,000 chinese firecrackers at midnight and lit that sucker.  It would smoke up so bad, since every house lit one too that I would have to escape into the house in order to breathe.

The older I got my allergies got worse and I will admit, I started to avoid fireworks.  I’d stay inside the house until midnight and then I’d go outside, just to stand in the middle of the noise and chaos, call my friends on their phones and scream Happy New Year…because we couldn’t hear each other at all with all the rockets, ariels, bombs and firecrackers going off at midnight.  It’s exciting if you are born and raised in Hawaii.  If you are new to the islands, some people love it, some people hate it.    It’s part of my memories and childhood and old pictures of family New Year’s Eve nights.  Good times.

Last night it was quieter.  The party people in my culdesac weren’t home-they all went to their other family parties.  One of my neighbors that never come out had a dinner party and lit some fireworks, I’m sure they had a permit.  I live in a different neighborhood now, but I heard bombs going off all night.  My dogs were terrified as always even with this ban in effect.  At midnight I went outside and I thought it was loud, maybe not like before but bombs were rocking our house until 12:30am.  I felt like the tradition didn’t die…even with the ban, so I didn’t feel that much had changed with the ban except less aerials.

I wanted to show some video of the differences to my English cousin, and anyone else who are not familiar with Hawaii traditions.

So here is what it was like in Kalihi (my mom’s house) back in New Year’s Eve 2009 going into 2010.  My first New Year’s Eve with Josh.

2009 New Year's Eve in Kalihi

Welcome 2010! In smoke and bombs!


And this was LAST NIGHT….in Ewa Beach….see the difference?  Ha!

There isn’t much action because I’m sitting on my porch with my iPad, but you can hear the fireworks out in the distance and horns blowing and my neighbors lighting fireworks. 🙂

Don’t mind my “oh my gosh” moments…I was getting startled when the bombs lit up right behind me as I video taped with my iPad.  So there is a BIG difference with the 2 years video…last year I have to say was NUTS but I didn’t go outside because the air was so thick and hazy.  This year I could sit outside.

Either way, people braved lighting their illegals.  At least this year I could breathe because less people lit fireworks.

I enjoyed it.  Josh and I were thinking of going down to Koolina to watch their fireworks show but it’s hard leaving the dogs when they are so scared.  I think next year I’ll sedate them, just for their sakes.  Sky wouldn’t even go out to pee on our lawn last night.  Oh well.

I hope everyone enjoyed their night whether they lit fireworks, drank the night away in the club or at home, or cooked some amazing food and spent it with friends and family.  Even if you stayed in like me and Josh, kept it low key and gave each other a kiss at midnight…it was a good night to start off a new year filled with new possibilities!

Today we go to Kalihi to celebrate Isaiah’s 4th birthday, so there will be family and food and if it’s like how my sister does every year, horn blowers and pop pops.  Lucky Isaiah, New Year’s baby 🙂  Can’t wait….

I wish everyone a wonderful new year.



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