Randomness: Dreaming of Paris

I’ll see a photo of the Eiffel Tower or see a street of Paris on t.v. and there is a deep, deep longing inside of me to be there.  I think because we had barely any time to explore Paris that now the city to me is like a dream even though I know I ate the most amazing Beef Bourguignon there.  I remember drinking wine, laughing in the rain, watching the Eiffel sparkle at night, walking through Versailles….I just wanted a few more days like how I had a few days in London.

Eiffel Tower


But all I can do now is dream….. 🙂  I remember floating down the Hall of Mirrors in a palace that could be the setting of a fairy tale.

Hall of Mirrors

And I swear I could have found a rabbit hole to fall into in these gardens….


But nope, I didn’t fall and I sure wasn’t Alice.  HAHA…but I’d love to go back!


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