Rocket Man

Sorry I’ve been “gone” but lots of stuff just going on and work is exhausting.  I’m hoping I’ll be getting a break soon.  My body needs it.

Last night, Josh and I went to see Sir Elton John in concert at the Neil Blaisdell Center, I believe it was a sold out show.  Every seat was taken.  He played two nights, but we saw him on the last night.  Of course I didn’t bring my camera so these iphone photos suck…remember I still have the first generation iPhone.     😦

Waiting for the Show

Poor guy had bronchitis, taking sips of water after every song but the show started at around 8:15pm and ended at almost 10:45pm.  Wow, talk about showmanship and a fantastic, legendary musician.  Josh and I are so glad we caught him this go around.  Apparently he’s been coming to Hawaii 7 years straight now.  I know last year he came after New Year’s…I think he mentioned it’s usually their time to have a little vacation and do a show, sweet for us!

I had no expectations of this show but it was AMAZING.  His band is fantastic and the piano playing?  Outstanding.  He played all the favorites and got the crowd in such a party mood, it was great.  There was a nice mixture of older, middle aged and us young’uns which was cool!  I didn’t know the three songs he played from his newest album, but that was okay, Elton John is such a great musician you can sit back and enjoy it even if you don’t know the song.

Elton John Concert

You never think you know many Elton John songs until you hear them.  Half the time I had memories of a child and thoughts of my dad came into mind.  Josh said the same thing.  He said his dad played Elton John songs on the piano but he always heard them as instrumentals and never knew the lyrics or that they were Elton John songs until later.

What was my favorite?  Bennie and the jets.  That key pounding is so SIIIICK it’s like hip hop before hip hop was hip hop.  It makes you bump your head.  He plays and sings with so much soul, I wish I had a tenth of his talent on the piano!  And I gotta say, his songs sound better live.  There is so much energy to it and up tempo when it’s live with his piano.

I also loved Tiny Dancer and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.  It’s hard to choose.  Great melodies, arrangements, lyrics, soooo catchy.

Josh’s favorite was Rocket Man.  I don’t blame him at all!  I loved all his old stuff.  Plus, they have that commercial that I see EVERY DAY….

And of course that scene in the movie 27 Dresses!

The couple next to us was having so much fun but the dude got emotional during Candle in the Wind.  It’s such a beautiful song!  Then of course the couple in front of us were getting their drunken freak on to “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me”!  ….WOW…What a song to freak to, it was so weird, but hey they were tipsy.  I felt bad for the two kids who had to see that.  They must have been wondering why their parents dragged them to an Elton John concert.   But yeah, the guy started grabbing his girls ass by the time Crocodile Rock came out.  What a fun song to dance to but yeah, the groping had me laughing and at times they were blocking Josh’s view of the stage.  How rude.

His last song was Your Song, which is so lovely and now always reminds me of the movie Moulin Rouge.

Such a great concert!  Glad we went.  I love performers who start and end their show, no opening act, just song after song after song.  It’s what I paid for!

You know I was wondering last night, who of the new musicians today could I see performing 40 years down the road, just like Elton John.  It’ll be interesting to see who has staying power.  For now we have the classics.

If all the Beatles were alive I’d pay so much money to see them live.  I also wish I could see Freddie Mercury perform with Queen.  I’m jealous my dad got to see Elvis Presley when he performed in Hawaii.  My dad was 18 at the time and I could see the light in his eyes when he said he was there, at that concert.  By then Elvis was drugged out and hefty, but I’m sure he was an amazing performer with that crooning and sweat.  HAHA!

After the concert, Josh said, he’s been to more concert since meeting me than in all his life without me.  I was like, OF COURSE!  I love music…I feel empty without it.  Blame my father.  Even when my nephews were babies, to make them sleep, he played mexican mariachi music, or his cheesy 80’s music or whatever he was rocking on his stereo.  I’m sure he did the same with my sister and I.   I tended to make my dad burnt cd’s, his favorite?  Old country music by the likes of Emmy Lou Harris, etc…

I remember playing with the record player growing up and playing with vinyl since I was 5 years old.  He and my grandpa taught me how to put the record on, when I got older at one point I seriously thought I could scratch and mix records (say what?!).  But I loved the 50’s rock they would play.  My uncle had a Queen’s album and the cover scared me, don’t know why.  When my dad got us piano lesson we learned straight classical music.  Then I joined the Glee Club in 7th grade and our instructor made me the keyboardist and that’s when I fell in love with piano.  I learned to pound keys with songs from the 50’s and 60’s, my favorite.

I just found out my niece has a record player, saw it and now I want one-just to bring me back to my childhood.  There is nothing like the sound of music on vinyl.  I love it.  And when we have children, I’d love to play records to help make them sleep, just like my dad and mom did when I was young.  🙂

Not many acts come to Hawaii, but when they do, I try to catch them because they may never be back again.  Thank God Elton John loves it here and makes it a point to visit each year.  Awesome!

Great show, great night and I look forward to the next one!








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