Family Visits

Hi All! My mom, sister and nephew was at my house just an hour ago to keep me company on a Friday morning.  My mom’s goal is always to do a deep cleaning of my house – she’s a hotel housekeeper by profession and I grew up with her obsession for CLEANLINESS.  When Josh and I first started dating he thought I was OCD about being clean, but now he understands it’s because it’s how I grew up, which isn’t a bad thing.  I love a clean house.  I try my best but with 2 dogs, I’m not always so successful. Isaiah, my 4 year old nephew loves dogs but he’s scared of my husky Sky.  She’s a bit high strung and wants to play but he’s wary of her.  Instead he says Nani-Girl is his favorite.  Well, she is blind, small and mellow.

Aren’t they adorable?  Sky was frisky with my mom and my sister, wanting to be touched and petted and played with…the more Josh runs her, the more energetic she gets.  The running was supposed to calm her down!  Ha ha! My home is double clean now, my dogs are tired, they forgot Isaiah’s Nintendo DS at our house but we’ll get it back to him tomorrow, I’ve had my lunch and I’m ready for my afternoon nap!

I was going through my photos and found these that I forgot to share from Christmas.  Love these boys 🙂  They are too cute, sweet and like I told my sister Lani today, so polite.  Isaiah was asking Sky to move so he could walk past her and I thought that was cute that he asked my dog, even though my dog doesn’t speak English.

Can’t wait to babysit them on Monday!   I’m so bummed Josh and I can’t go to the Philippines with them in April, so BUMMED.  But…that’s just how it is!  Like my mom says, we can go again, next time!  But it would’ve been so much fun with the kiddos.  Anyway enjoy my family pics!

The boys


Josh and the Munchkins


Uncle, Aunty and the boys

Silly Faces!


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