Biding My Time and Happy Chinese New Year

It’s been an interesting few weeks – boring to most people’s standards because I haven’t been doing much.  I took a short break from work because my back was killing me.  It’s true I won’t be able to be a massage therapist for long.  I injured myself a long time ago working with the elderly and then massaging full-time.  Working a desk job for 5 years helped with my lower back pain, but now it’s coming back.

Other factors are involved but I’ll get into that in a few weeks.

So I’ve been taking it easy, kicking up my feet and resting.  I walk my husky 4 times a week, just to get in 30 minutes of walking at night.  Josh runs her every other day for 2 miles, just so he can get exercise.  It’s been great.  The walking helps my back, I think because it helps tighten my core muscles.  I need to lose weight for sure!

Today is the Chinese New Year and it is the year of the Dragon.  The Water Dragon to be more specific.  My sister is a dragon baby and another cousin of mine.  So Kung Hee Fat Choy!  Or however people spell it- I had a few of these greetings today on my cell phone and they were spelled different!  HA!

Photo via Roystance's Point of View

We’ll see how this Year of the Dragon goes…here’s a fun interesting tidbit:

“Water Dragons – Years 1952 and 2012

Water calms the Dragon’s fire. Water Dragons are able to see things from other points of view. They don’t have the need to always be right. Their decisions, if well-researched, are usually better since they allow other’s to become involved.”

I even read this article where some chinese couples want to have a baby so badly in the year of the dragon that they turn to fertility treatments to try to get the year right.  Wow.  I guess it’s like getting married on 8-8-08 since 8 is such a lucky number is chinese culture.

And according to this, because I’m a Horse baby…

“The Horse is advised to make commitments and get a little carried away this year, according to Chung. “The Horses should take action in their careers and settle down in their relationships,” says Chung. Health-wise, Horses should avoid over-stressing on a busy schedule, and they should curb their spending – despite the over-indulgent nature of the Year of the Dragon. Chung says things are looking up for the Horse this year.”

So I should have a good year right?  Josh was too cute on the phone today he told me he read to be lucky for Chinese New Year I had to eat an orange and I told him, I ate 3 celementine oranges today just to snack!  Ooooo…so am I going to be lucky? LOL….also he said I should eat chocolate and I said, “Huh!  I was about to buy chocolate ice cream at the grocery store today because I was craving!”

I don’t know where he was reading this.

I do love Chinese New Year celebrations and when I worked in downtown Honolulu, adjacent to China town, there was always a lion dance going on, mmmm and all that food.  Last year Josh and I actually went to downtown to enjoy the festivities and parade.  It’s so much fun and loud and busy with people.  And it’s usually pretty hot.  We didn’t do it this year.  But I enjoy all the Chinese astrology predictions and the meaning of symbols, whether you believe it or not.  Come on, I love fortunes in fortune cookies, I’m just that kind of person!  I take the fortune and Josh usually eats the cookie.  🙂

I have 2 more weeks to “rest” before I go back to work, but we’ll see if I can actually do it.  If it’s too much on my body then it’s not worth it to break my back and I’ll close the door on massaging for good.  I love it, but that doesn’t mean my body can hold up to doing it any more.  My wrists and thumbs, shoulders and back  creak, click, and crack.

I can’t believe we’re almost in February!  Wow….time flies.  Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year or Kung Hee Fat Choy!



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