Why Hello There! More Wedding Pics

I know it’s been awhile, but I have good reason.  Reasons which I will probably divulge in a week or two, when I can put my thoughts together.  Life is swell, the Super Bowl is this weekend, Go Giants!  Josh and I will barbecue a few steaks and bake up some french fries and enjoy the game together.

Can you believe it’s February?  Time flies….

A few friends of mine came to hang out with me the other day and we sat around watching my wedding video and they got to look at my wedding photos taken by the most talented Frank Amodo.  My friend told me I should post some of these photos online because they are so amazing.  Well I have 150 of them and I can’t post them all and it’s so hard to choose because they are all so amazing.  But here are a few that I really enjoy…

First off some shots taken in the room while we were getting ready.  I love my bouquet!  And I LOVE my maids bouquet with all that orange…so pretty!

My bouquet of Roses and Cattleya Orchids photo credit Frank Amodo

Bridesmaid Bouquet photo by Frank Amodo

Here we have the rings, my shoes and of course the dress….

Rings, photo by Frank Amodo


Shoes, photo by Frank Amodo

The Dress, photo by Frank Amodo


Ready for the First Look, photo by Frank Amodo

Below are photos of the guys, who look great and the whole bridal party.  My friend thought this picture was really cool, so I’ll post it.

The guys, photo by Frank Amodo

Briday Party Lookin Up, photo by Frank Amodo


Here are some detail shots of the Escort Card board, the beautiful Spider Mums on the place settings, and don’t you love the pop of color from the napkin?  I can’t say that orange is my favorite color but when I was planning the wedding, I wanted a color that would look glorious in the sunshine since my wedding was outdoors.  The gray and white was to tone down the orange so it wasn’t too wild.

Escort Cards, photo by Frank Amodo


Place setting, photo by Frank Amodo


Details, photo by Frank Amodo

The tent, photo by Frank Amodo

Frank Amodo is a fantastic photographer.  Just check out the angle of the photo under the palm trees, it’s like it’s arching over us.  Love it.


photo by Frank Amodo

When my friend saw these next few photos he told me I had to blow them up and put them around my house.  Then I said, where?!  I have a tiny house and I can’t plaster them all over my walls…lol…I’d love to, but it would look crazy.  Plus, I can’t pick my favorite.  I have a few….so I’ll just have to really narrow it down to one or two.  So difficult!

First Dance, photo by Frank Amodo

This photo in the forrest scene confused my friends who were looking at my album.  They said where did you take this?  I said, at Lanikuhonua.  Haha…yes I went trampling through leaves and branches and twigs with my dress for these shots.  But I love it.  Talk about being somewhere unexpected.

photo by Frank Amodo

Mmmm…the sunset shots have to be my favorites because it not only captures Josh and I but the island and land that we love.  Nature is the most magnificent backdrop.  It’s beautiful without even trying.  Josh and I were just lucky to be in the shot 🙂  Thank you Nature!

photo by Frank Amodo

Sunset kiss, photo by Frank Amodo

I fell in love with these shots that Frank Amodo would do with the couple standing strong staring off into the horizon.  It’s not romantic, it’s promising.  That’s how I want Josh and I to be looking and living our future.  Strong, with space between us, but holding hands, our feet planted in the ground as we watch the sun set on our lives…hopefully til the end.

And the lauhala leaves hanging into the shot always blows me away.  It lends so much texture to the photo, I can’t stand it.  I look at the leaves overhead, the marks in the sand that replicates the ripples in the water and the color of the sky…glorious.

Photo by Frank Amodo

I adore this intimate, dark shot in the lauhala trees.  My mom asked me why it was so dark but the sun was setting and it was getting dark.  Every time I look at these photos, I remember this was about the only time in the wedding that Josh and I had time to be ALONE together…of course with our photographer and his assistant.  BUT…it was a nice break to breath a little, take in the wedding and gazed into each other’s eyes and not only because of the photo shoot.  🙂

Lauhala trees, photo by Frank Amodo

I hope you enjoyed this little peek of my wedding photos.  It was an amazing day and night and I can look back at the photos and smile and remember.

photo by Frank Amodo

Check out Frank Amodo’s website for more amazing photos.  I’m a fan of his work period, so even though my wedding is over, I still check out his website to see his work.  His Trash the Dress shoots are pretty fantastic.  And just because we met him at our wedding (Frank constantly said, look at Jeremy!), his assistant, fellow photographer and nephew Jeremy Amodo is coming into his own too and has a website as well.  I checked it out and it looks really good!  I’m so impressed.  Man, is this family talented or what?

Have a wonderful Super Bowl Weekend folks!  Can’t wait for that steak…lol…



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