Crazy Cravings, Happy Fat Tuesday!

Today I am 14 weeks pregnant.

In the last two weeks I’ve been quite hormonal.  Josh has made me cry twice in the past few weeks.  Once when he was joking about my hair.  In my “normal” state, I’d have said something wickedly scathing back and we’d laugh about it.  The second cry session came when I wanted a hamburger so bad I could taste it in my mouth and he suggested left overs in the fridge.  I apologized to him later saying that I am just going koo koo with my hormones raging.

I almost can’t stand it.  I’m not a weepy person but now I watch My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and I’m crying.  I’ll watch Intervention and hear the family members read their letters and I’ll start tearing.  I feel out of control.  Thanks BABY. LOL….

So I’m not working because my lower back can’t handle doing any massages right now.  Scrubbing the tub will leave me with back pain throughout the night.  A wrong misstep walking down the stairs makes me gasp in pain.  I know my ligaments are stretching but I had this pain since I knew I was pregnant in week 5.  It was pretty bad and no one who had ever been pregnant knew why it was happening to me so early.  Most people I know felt it when they were much bigger.

I spent some time with my mom and sister last week, I do so because I need women to talk to about my symptoms…and hearing their stories comforts me.  Anyway I said something about maybe I’ll have a small baby because I felt like my bump was small.  My mom and sister looked at each other and then me and finally my sister said, “Um, I didn’t pop until I was in my 6th month.”  Yes, at 13 weeks, I’ve “popped”.  I have a small belly.  Well according to my mom, sister and husband, it’s not small….

I do chores every day, I’m doing some crafting and I do the grocery shopping and what not.  I still walk my dog 3-4 times a week, which is great exercise!

Sky in Play Mode

Actually, my husky, Sky is very happy that she gets to run with my husband, walk with me and in between get cuddles and play time.  I washed her toys and she’s ecstatic about it.  2-3 times a day she tries to engage me in play time.

I eventually got my burger on Saturday, but some of the meat on my well done burger was pink and grossed me out….so, my burger craving was sort of satisfied.  I even had a glass of Coke, something I gave up three weeks ago BUT even that didn’t taste as good as I thought it would.  Fascinating.

Today as I was grocery shopping I had a strong craving for Strawberry flavored ICEE and I didn’t know where to get one.  I almost cried in the car but told myself I was being crazy.  I know why I was craving it.  I had the craving on Sunday, it was there at the movie theater and I didn’t buy it because I didn’t want to spend my time going to pee and miss the movie.  We watched This Means War and it was funny.  My husband and I both enjoyed it. Me for the sort of romance comedy part of it and He for the bromance guy stuff in it.

So I think it’s my fault I put myself into this situations where I am craving these food items and not satisfying them right away.  And the reason why I try not to satisfy them is I’m trying to not gorge on everything I want or else I’ll have a bigger belly and only at 14 weeks!  I feel like food is my enemy right now.  I try to eat more fruits and vegetables and hope that they would fulfill me, but it usually doesn’t.

Well when I got home and was about to eat my lunch, I took out my bottle of sprite and a can of fruit punch and made Sprunch, hoping I could pretend it was ICEE and call it a day.  The first sip was lovely…the others after grossed me out a little.  LOL…but at least I forgot my ICEE craving.  I knocked out on the couch after lunch, I seriously couldn’t fight it and 2 hours later I was awake and wondering what we were going to eat for dinner.

At the grocery store I bought French Bread in hopes of making some french bread pizza later or some yummy bread for a pasta dish later this week.

Then I realized I had some ground beef waiting to be cooked and for awhile I had to debate on what I REALLY wanted to make with it!  How irritating!  I didn’t want to make something and disappoint myself.

Well…so I thought…I wish I could eat some Clam Chowder in a bread bowl…cravings again (sigh) but I didn’t have that at home SO…I ended up making chili and I’m so happy!

Now I can dip French Bread in to my chili..YUM!!!

I already had some chili and French Bread just to make sure it was going to fulfill me and now I can’t wait for Josh to come home so that I can really eat it!

My days and nights are filled with thoughts of what I’m going to eat.  It helps that my nausea is mostly gone.  Yet, every time I say that, I end up feeling nauseous.  I don’t get it.  For now though, TODAY, I’m not feeling it.

I have 26 more weeks of this…yikes.

Other cravings I’ve had?

* Udon noodles

*Sushi (so sad I can’t have raw fish!)

* A Strawberry Pie from Anna Miller’s

* This dessert I had in our hotel in London filled with ice cream, coffee granita and whipped cream (to die for)

* A home cooked meal not cooked by ME.  LOL…

* Mushroom pizza….

* Spaghetti noodles with mushrooms, chicken and cream sauce (From Angelo Pietro’s)

Last week I had a hunkering for Apple Pie and Ice Cream.  So I bought half of a baked dutch apple pie and some vanilla ice cream.  I ate it 4 days in a row….goodness.  It was so delicious, today I was tempted to buy that apple pie again, but decided I needed a break on ice cream.

My sister asked me if I was the kind of girl who’d wake up in the middle of the night wanting to eat pickles.  I’m not that girl YET….I don’t crave pickles or anything sour…but I’ve been hungry at midnight with this pregnancy ( and I NEVER eat past dinner!  Only did that in college…you know what I mean?).  At least with that I’ll eat a banana and be satisfied.

Okay, enough of this food talk because I’m about to get hungry again.


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