The Bump

So people want to see the “bump”.

I will tell you this, I get scared of my bump getting bigger.  Why?  Because I wasn’t a thin girl before this pregnancy.  I was and am already overweight for my height.  Now I’m just getting bigger, so as much as I love my baby bump, the weight, I don’t love so much.

My clothes still fit me, except for my jeans and denim shorts (which I’m wearing right now because I need to go to the store to get some things).  But man, is it tight as I sit typing this…I think I have to start using my belly band.  My clothes fit everywhere else, just not around my belly.

This morning I figure I’ll take some pictures of my 14 week 2 day bump because a few people want to see it.  I’m wearing black to try and thin my profile down, how funny is that?!  I can’t hide it no matter what!

14wks 2days

I look and feel HUGE.  I love how my sister told me a few weeks ago that my stomach and bump will flush together….um, I didn’t think she meant it would happen THIS soon.  All the baby books I read say I most likely am not showing yet….REALLY?  🙂

This morning I asked Sky again as she stood at my waist, “Where’s Baby?”  And right away she sniffed my belly left to right and all around.  It’s too cute.

In baby's future room

Okay, I better get out the door and start my day.  By the way, this bump feels heavier at night and seems to stretch at night too.  Baby is growing alright.  I can’t believe that baby is the size of a lemon or peach (as the books say) and yet I look like I’m carrying a melon!  *SMH* lol….as long as baby is growing and healthy I’m HAPPY!


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