Killing Time

Hi All!

I don’t like not working because I get restless, but I can’t do massage right now, so I have to deal with it.

So how am I doing that?  Well, I haven’t watched so much stupid t.v. in my life until now, maybe I’m making up for time not watching t.v.?  Wasn’t ever a big t.v. couch potato, I’d rather be out or working.

I clean daily, a little at a time.  I cook.  I go grocery shopping and take care of errands.  I visit my mom’s house on her days off.  This relieves her I think.

I blog, but not as much as before even though now I have more time.  I cater to my dogs.  🙂

Today though I went to the new Kroc Center in Kapolei.

photo via Beyond Honolulu

Why’d I go?  Because I saw their art classes schedule and decided to sign up for Watercolor.  The classes are part of the Honolulu Academy of Arts and since I’ve always wanted to take classes there, I figure I can do them near my home in Ewa Beach at the Kroc Center.  I don’t have to be a member of the Kroc Center to attend classes, so that’s awesome.  I took art classes in college but never learned watercolor.

I got a sneak peek of their water slide and pool area, very nice!  Their fitness center nis pretty large and they have tons of classes.  Josh and I have thought about becoming members.  It’s $99/month for a family up to 5 people.  I definitely want to use their fitness center after baby comes!  Also…I really need swimming lessons.  Yes, yes, I had them in the 4th grade but I’ve lost all my skill and I fear swimming.  Weird, I know!  But eventually I’d want my son or daughter to learn how and they have classes.

They even have a pre-school and they even advertise for the future, classes for kids like playing an instrument, singing, dancing, acting, etc…very cool!  They have TONS of sports programs.  Too bad I’m not sporty.  Josh wishes they had an outdoor tennis court.

Click here to check out their spring schedule:

There were a few people at the pool this morning and lots of people at the fitness center.  And they even have a place to drop off your kids while you go work out!  It’s very exciting.  I like when new places like this open up in Kapolei, it’s the city closest to ME right now and it’s awesome when I don’t have to drive all the way into town (Honolulu) to have a life.

Speaking of art, when I’m bored, I craft.  Craft what?  Lately it’s been paper mache.

I completed four boxes, finally!

Small Box

Small Box

Large Box

Large Box

Silly me, paper mached Paper Mache boxes, meaning…I had already bought paper mache boxes, all they needed was paint.  I only realized this AFTER I paper mached them again.  I had a good laugh telling my husband what I did.  But I wanted the texture of the paper mache look so it worked out.  I painted them with acrylic paint, added some decorative tape, some bling and some decorations, my favorite being the key holes.  I love skeleton keys and key holes.  I was going for a vintage look with these.  I have a few more to finish but it takes some time between paper mache drying and then paint drying.

I do like the final result though, came out really cute!

It’s just me pretending in some past life that I could have be an artisan, spending my day crafting amazing things and painting all day.  Now that’s a job I wouldn’t mind getting lost in!  I think going to Venice and seeing the Murano glass being crafted made me wish I was an expert glassmaker from long ago or a mask maker, those venetian masks are works of art.  🙂  Or some kind of artisan working with color and my hands.  Well I can’t make glass or amazing masks…but I can make amateur boxes though.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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