Sweet You Rock and Sweet You Roll

Sorry had to steal that line from Dave Matthews Band since they are playing on my Pandora.  It’s the Alt Indie Love Song Playlist and it’s perfect for today.  Why?  Because it’s gloomy, cloudy and it was raining all last night and this morning and it looks like it’ll be raining again.  But I love it.  Sunshine is beautiful but RAIN…rain, the earth needs.  My plants need it!  I loved sleeping last night hearing the rain outside.

Glad to see this shrub growing beautifully!

My Red Gingers need RAIN! They look so much prettier all dewy.


Tomorrow I will be 16 wks pregnant.  In weeks we’ll find out the sex of the baby.  Yippee!  We are so excited!  Many family and friends of mine hope it’s a girl because I think they’ve mostly had boys.  🙂  I’m happy either way.  I’m very prepared for a boy though because my sister has two of them and I babysat them for 6 years.  Josh wants a boy because there are no Margolin boys left.  But he’ll be happy with a girl as well.  Let’s just say I’ll be happy as long as baby is healthy!

So what’s going on with my body?  I told Josh I want to sleep on a cloud.  Before pregnancy I loved firm/slightly soft beds..that’s the bed I came with to our new house.  His bed is soft, you sink and it was easy on my lower back but hurt my neck and shoulder area.  Well….I got pregnant and I wanted HIS bed because my bed hurt.  So we’re now sleeping on his bed…but even that now is not as soft as I want it to be.  I want to sleep on a soft cloud.  🙂  Can you imagine?

I feel bigger as each week goes by.  But that’s a good thing because baby should get bigger.  As for me…as long as my husband looks at me the way he does everyday, like I’m the most beautiful woman on earth and even more so now because I carry his child…then I can deal with the weight gain.  He tells me each day I’m beautiful, I pout and say, no I’m not.  But I hear him…haha, and it sinks in later.

Last night I had such a strong craving for an icy, crunchy, strawberry syrupy drink.  Like I could literally taste it in my mouth!  I wanted THIS:

Strawberry Slush Float

I thought sleep would cure that craving but nope.  Today I had the same craving.  Unfortunately the places that sell this is too far from me.  So I thought I could cure my craving with something similar, maybe a smoothie from Jamba Juice but the place that has Jamba Juice lost it’s electricity today and they were closed.  I don’t know if I’ll still crave it tomorrow but this is when I wished eateries in Honolulu were HERE in Ewa Beach or Kapolei side.

Oh well, just waiting for the hubby to come home.  I baked furikake salmon and I’m ready to eat!

Thanks for reading!


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