Beautiful Lightning

I woke up this morning to stomach pains and I couldn’t sleep comfortable, left side or right side and my nose started draining.  Ahhhh, the wonders of pregnancy.  🙂  I was shifting in bed when I saw a bright flash outside.  I parted the curtains and gasped out loud, waking up Josh.

It was amazing and beautiful.  There was no rain to obscure my view, just a dark sky, mounds of clouds that looked to be over Pearl Harbor (I’m in Ewa Beach) and it seriously looked like that lightning was causing havoc somewhere.  BUT…I don’t think it touched ground, like the other day…this was just a beautiful, wonderful show in the sky.

I was enthralled.  Josh and I watched for a moment before he lay back down to sleep again.  He said it reminded him of days camping with his family in Denver, Colorado.  It reminded me of the last time I was in Kansas with Bobby when lightning storms delighted and scared me for days.  One day we were driving from his mom’s house to his dad’s house and all of a sudden the sky turned dark and I said, that won’t generate a tornado will it?  He said you never know.  And it freaked me out in an adrenaline boosting sort of way, I can see why storm chaser chase storms.  It’s exciting, getting so close to the danger of mother nature.  By the way, I caught that moment in the car with Bobby-it’s my only little piece of video I have of him…he pretends to be a newscaster with an Australian accent.  🙂

According to the news cast this morning the rain and storm is causing problems on the windward side: Kaneohe, Kailua side.  There is lots of hail, lots of rain, lightning and thunder.

But I sat watching the lightning show…for awhile, about 30 minutes.  I tried catching photos with my not so fancy digital camera…I was TOOO SLOW.  Then I used my ipad, which was better but I was still too slow.  I wanted to catch lightning bolts, but I don’t think I know how to do it.

Lightning Show over Oahu

Electric Sky

My picture taking wasn’t doing to well…so I took video.  And as I type this..thinking it won’t storm on THIS side of the island…I hear rain, hopefully it passes us by quickly.

Anyway here’s a quick clip taken with my ipad.

And then I used my digital camera to take more…this clip is my favorite, it seemed like the lightning came quicker and it really felt like someone had a strobe light on and there was a club outside of my house.  God or the gods having a party in the sky?  It sure wasn’t bowling because I could barely hear any thunder!  LOL…All I need is a trance beat to this video.

Alright, that was my excitement for the morning.  I’m going to go back to bed and join my husband…but really, I’m so JEALOUS of people who know how to capture lightning…I’d love to just catch one photo of a beautiful lightning bolt.  Is there a trick to it?  Or I just need a faster shutter speed or what?  It does help I guess to be taking it from a higher elevation I suppose than from my bedroom window.

One of these days…I’ll get it!

There definitely won’t be sunshine today it’s gray all over, stay safe people and stay dry.  As my friend Brian keeps reminding me :”TURN AROUND-DON’T DROWN!”

Happy Friday!


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