Feet and Hand Pain

More on the joys of pregnancy….

And every night I pray to God saying thank you for my blessing and that I am happy to be pregnant with child.  Because I am.  I’m just a big complainer and whiner about the aches and pains I’ve had in the past few days alone.

#1 – My Feet ACHE.

I’m used to sore feet.  Long days I had to work at the spa doing massage kept me on my feet, so occasionally I had my husband massage them.  But it was never as bad as now.  I’ve gained 5 lbs (7 pounds if you weigh me after dinner lol…) this pregnancy, which isn’t a lot at all, but I already started off over-weight pre-pregnancy so 5-7 lbs on my 5 foot frame is a lot.

The other day I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  I had to beg for a massage that night.  Yesterday, Josh and I took a nice walk to see some new model homes in the area.  I needed a massage that afternoon, it was difficult to walk barefoot in my house.  Thank goodness my hubby doesn’t complain giving me foot massages.  Shoulder massages he complains his thumb hurts.  I need a live in massage therapist.  Oh whoops-that’s ME.  🙂

#2 – Numb and Tingling Hands and Fingers

From sleeping on my side.  Side sleeping is recommended for pregnancy but I will say it out loud and yes I’m complaining:  I hate it!  I’m a back sleeper.  To top it off my nasal congestion bothers me, so I have to sleep on three pillows to elevate my head, or else I can’t breathe at night.

Well, the past few mornings I’ve woken up with fingers I cannot clench.  This used to happen when I worked as a massage therapist full time almost a decade ago!!  I don’t massage right now.  All I’m doing is basically being pregnant…yet I’m having finger aches and pains.  It hurt so bad yesterday when I woke up that I had to massage my forearm, palm and each finger of my left hand.  Yes…I’m sleeping on my left side as recommended. It’s an awful feeling.  I woke up today with the same ache and pains and inability to clench my fingers into a fist.  Except this time the right side is also affected.  I tried sleeping more on my right side because sleeping on my left was making my hand numb.

I looked it up on Google and one article claims that during my sleep, fluid from the lower half of my body gets redistributed because I’m laying down.  And supposedly this fluid impinges on nerves causing carpal tunnel syndrome.  Amazing.

** The more I read about why my feet aches, hands ache, back and hip ache, I start to giggle.  I read the suggestions on how to prevent it:  Sleep with a pillow under your hip.  Sleep with your legs elevated.  Sleep with a pillow under your arm.  Sleep with a pillow under your belly as a wedge.  Sleep with a pillow at your back so you don’t roll over.  Don’t sleep on your back.  Don’t sleep on the right side.  Don’t sleep on your arm.  

Do you see why I can’t sleep? LOL….It’s hilarious when I picture myself sleeping with pillows everywhere.  I need a Tempur-Pedic or Sleep Number bed so I can adjust it with a remote control.  Or as I said one night to Josh.  I need to sleep on a cloud.  *sigh*

With that said, I’m going to stop typing (or else I’ll make my fingers worse) and I’m going to head out and buy me a bunch of nasal strips so I can breathe in the night.  Oh the joys of pregnancy…but I am grateful and happy regardless.  😉


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