Got Lemons?

Good Morning!

Yesterday I decided to make an avocado grilled sandwich because once more I was inspired by a delicious looking Pinterest photo.  It was called an “adult” grilled cheese sandwich maybe because it had extra things in it other than just cheese.  Anyway the photo had this big juicy avocado slice in it.  And I LOVE avocado.

Click this link for the photo and sort of recipe!

I went to the store to buy me a tomato, avocado, I decided on some sourdough bread just to make it different and I didn’t think my regular bread could “hold” a thick slice of avocado.

I LOVE avocado!

Sourdough Bread

Since the website didn’t really provide a real recipe, because grilled cheese sandwiches are REALLY easy to make, I threw in some different things!

For my sandwiches and yes I made two kinds, one I ate yesterday and today I’ll eat the other.  I can’t wait!  The one I made yesterday had: Bacon, Turkey, Provolone Cheese, Avocado and a pesto/mayo spread.  Today’s sandwich only has Provolone Cheese, Tomato, Avocado and the pesto/mayo spread.

For Josh’s sandwich it had: Bacon, Turkey, Provolone Cheese and the pesto/mayo spread.  No veggies on his, of course!

The recipe on the website called for pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.  I will use the mozzarella cheese one day, since it’ll make it nice and ooey-gooey.  I’m hungry just thinking about it.

Anyway, flipping this sandwich over in the pan was easy for the first two sandwiches but the third one I made with the avocado and tomatoes was a mess! LOL…avocados and tomatoes are slippery suckers.  My sandwich didn’t quite look like the picture on the website BUT it was delicious!

Next up I was looking through my fridge and realized I had 2 cut lemons on the verge of shriveling up and another lemon I used the lemon rind for my Blueberry Breakfast Cake.  I wanted to use them instead of throw them away.  I googled Lemon recipes and found I could try and make lemon bars…but I didn’t think I could make them.  So instead I settled on a lemon bread recipe.

Now the first recipe I found looked amazing.  Click here:

I knew I had some left over carnation milk I used for a hashbrown casserole but when I checked how much I had left, it wasn’t enough for the recipe 😦  And I wasn’t about to run to the store AGAIN to get a can.

The search continued and I found a recipe that looked easy enough and most importantly, I had all the ingredients!  Click here for the recipe:

I grated my lemon rinds for zest and then squeezed out the lemon juice as required. I will admit, anytime I see sugar measurements in recipes I always use less.  I try to use half of what the recipe calls for because do we really need that much sugar in our lives?  I’m trying to cut down!  🙂  What I wasn’t sure about was the lemon glaze for the top of the bread that’s made with powdered sugar and more lemon juice… it sweet.  Too sweet for me. I only found that out after put it on the bread and then tasted it.

Lemon Bread

I’m actually not a lemon dessert fan, but this bread is refreshing.  It tastes like a lemon bar. It’s like a pound cake.  I’m going to bring some to my sister’s house tomorrow because I know she likes lemon bars.

Today – no cooking!  But…I did buy two boxes of strawberries yesterday, I’m almost done with one of them, baby loves strawberries…I was thinking I could TRY and make a strawberry shortcake?  I need whipped cream though.  Hmmm….we’ll see…. 🙂

Now if only I had the passion to make entrees like I make desserts, I’d be all set.  🙂


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