18 Weeks Baby Boy

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We’re having a baby BOY.

Yesterday we had our ultrasound appointment.  It was difficult to say the least…not the ultrasound part but the part where they tell you to drink 24 oz of WATER 45 minutes before your appointment.  I wanted to pee the moment we checked in at the desk.  To top that off, it was a busy day at the Queen’s Women’s Health Center.  We got there at 9:30am, my appointment was at 10am.  We got called in at 10:15am.  I peed three times before I was even called, I could not hold it…I was about to cry or pee in my pants.  I went for the third option and to hell with it, I used the bathroom.

Josh even thought it would be cute to take my mind off wanting to pee to tell me jokes.  How cruel is he?  I text my friend telling her I’m about to slap him upside the head because he’s telling me jokes when I’m about to pee in my pants.  I almost did cry in front of everyone right then as I imagined me soiling my pants in front of the 15 women in the waiting room with me.  I was not happy with him.  That’s when I told the receptionist I had to use the restroom and I couldn’t hold it.

When our tech called us in the room, I had to apologize to him about peeing already and he said, oh it’s totally not a problem.  Really?  Then why instruct a pregnant woman to fill her bladder with water and WAIT?  I got settled on the bed and our ultrasound began.  I did ask him about the 24oz of water and why it’s necessary-he said it wasn’t…really…it was just to make sure they can see that the cervix was closed.  Well, he showed me that my cervix was nicely closed.

The ultrasound was awesome.  I give it up to these techs that can make something out of the blob of a picture on the screen…Josh said he didn’t really “see” what the guy was trying to point out to us until half way through when he saw baby’s spine.  He did tell us the sex right away…and when he said, there’s the little penis.  Josh and I squinted at the screen and finally Josh said…how can you tell?  LOL…so once more our patient tech pointed out the two legs and this little dot in between.

Josh was hoping for a boy, to continue his Margolin line.  Secretly I hoped for a girl (because my sister has two boys, it would be nice to throw in a girl to spoil).  But I’m good with boys, I helped raise my two awesome nephews and they are just too much fun!  My best friend even had a dream about me having a boy.  Josh did too.  Everyone else I talked to in my family, older cousins and such said, it’s going to be a girl…why?  Because all of them have boys! LOL…sadly they won’t have a girl to spoil with me this time around.  Maybe on baby #2?

Anyway, back to the ultrasound.  I had to pee once more, with all his prodding with the ultrasound mouse thing (I don’t know what it’s called).  But the tech was happy that he was getting really good pictures of the head, arms, kidneys, spine, etc…they measure everything!  I think I was most amazed at my baby’s heart beating…it’s so awesome watching the beating of that tiny thing.  He had all the parts needed and I think he had a heartbeat of 145bp which is good.

Then sadly I had to pee again so as I excused myself with all the goo on my belly (bleh…) lol…I went and returned.  When he looked at baby again he was tumbling and rolling.  He is seriously upside down! LOL…Josh wonders if it’s okay that he’s so bent!  I said my womb isn’t exactly the place where he can straighten out right now!

My heart was overjoyed as I saw him tumbling and wiggling with hands and feet and rolling and rolling.  Event the tech said he couldn’t stop moving.  Hehehe…

I can’t describe the feeling inside me.  I’m happy because I got to see him.  I wish I could see him everyday just to make sure he’s doing okay.  I’m happy because the tech said his measurements look good and that’s comforting!  And I love that he’s moving because it means he’s doing pretty good and amusing himself.

As for names?  Most likely it will be Elijah (still deciding on middle name).  Why Elijah…I have an elaborate story.

Halfway into the NFL season when the NY Giants were getting out of their rut, I watched a game and they talked about Eli Manning.  I was sitting there, not knowing I was pregnant and out loud I said, I like the name Eli.  He’s a good guy, quiet, but he works hard, awesome under pressure and shrugs off everything.  He’s the little brother of Peyton so you know he got picked on, but it didn’t bother him.  He’s funny looking but just a really good guy.

Josh shrugged, he’s from Philly and will always be an Eagles fan, hates the Giants when they are playing for the division, but he respects the Manning brothers.  So he said, well maybe you have a little Eli in you right now.  I didn’t think I was pregnant…but we started talking about baby names and he said…yeah, Elijah is a good Jewish name.  Josh always loved the name Jacob, but my nephew is Jacob.  I feel like we’re adding to the amazing names: my nephews Jacob and Isaiah, and now Elijah.

A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant…and I said see, it was a sign that I liked the name Eli…Josh says, we are not naming our son because of Eli Manning…LOL…well of course not…but it was THAT moment…and hey, Eli and the Giants went on to win the super bowl…an amazing sign right? He dies when I tell people that story.  I said well we can think of other names but he is dead set on Elijah.  It’s a beautiful and strong name and so I guess I do have a little Eli in me 🙂 Still got to think of a middle name.

And okay…baby was moving around so much his 3-D picture came out looking STRANGE.  But I’ll share it anyway…lol…

Baby Elijah

Isn’t he smushy looking?  Oh my, I laugh at this picture every time I see it.  It’s not his most attractive picture…but the tech tried his best, he was just flopping around.

Baby Boy

Here’s his profile picture, which is better I think.  See how his back is bent over and his feet hanging over his head?  LOL…

Have I felt him move?  I’ve felt the flutters for weeks now…dunno about the kicks yet.  I told Josh sometimes I feel like my womb is a watery fish bowl and I have a fishy swimming in it. It’s the best description I can give.

We are ecstatic and after watching him moving on the ultrasound, it makes it even more real that I’m going to be a mommy and Josh is going to be a daddy. 🙂  Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “18 Weeks Baby Boy

  1. what a miracle! congratulations! i also enjoyed seeing the heard beat and all the four quadrants! makes it so real and just pure amazing!

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