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They say the 2nd trimester is the best…and I was starting to believe it, except for my numb hands, aching feet and getting fatter I agree that having no nausea is AWESOME.  And I thought I really had my real energy back!

But the past three days, I’ve taken 2-3 hour naps after lunch.  I could even sleep longer.  I thought it was because I haven’t been sleeping well at night, but that’s been constant since I became pregnant.

Today was no exception.  I went out with my mom, sister and nephew.  We met at Waikele Shopping Center, I wasn’t there to shop, but my mom was 🙂 Hehe…she told me to come to walk around and exercise.  I met them at Coach.  She told me to buy a baby bag.  A Coach baby bag?  I wouldn’t want to even dirty it – but she insisted and my sister pointed one out and I said, okay, that looks good.  LOL…I’m easy when buying bags.  I don’t do it much.

The Coach bag my mom gifted me today. Thanks Mom!

After eating lunch at Chili’s and I ate my whole plate of my Grilled Chicken Sandwich.  I shared my french fries with Isaiah-who even “twirled” his fries in my ketchup.  He only HE could twirl it, so I said, okay, I’ll tap mine in the ketchup.  LOL…silly…

On a full stomach, we parted and I headed towards Kapolei, since I still needed to go to Petco to buy dog food and Target to buy other household items.  I almost fell asleep!  I was so tired.  I made it to Target, but I was feeling hot and overheated, tired and just wanted to go home and sleep.  So what did I do before I left Target.  I bought a Strawberry ICEE.  Horrible.  But lately I love ICEY drinks.  Not necessarily smoothies but drinks just with ICE and something sweet.  It’s weird.

I got the dog food and headed home, feeling light headed and just sleepy.  I was just too hot.  But I still needed to walk the dogs, bring in Josh’s laundry and I turned the AC down so I could just cool down because I felt so warm.  And I fell asleep and woke up two hours later.

I don’t like the feeling of being so exhausted so I started looking it up on Google.  I’ve been SO ravenous for food…that sometimes I don’t choose the right thing to eat.  I’m not a big red meat eater, only once in awhile, but I think I need more iron.  I take a prenatal vitamin that is loaded with iron already, but I eat red meat only once a week.  I can’t say I eat the proper amount of veggies either…so I’m thinking I need more iron rich foods.  Don’t want to be anemic.  I’m good on fruits.  I eat bananas, oranges and LOTS of strawberries.  Yup, strawberries have been my craving choice this pregnancy, thank god they are in season!  🙂

I just made a tofu vegetable dish and ate it way before dinner because I woke up hungry after my nap.  I feel pretty good so I’ll incorporate tofu in my weekly diet.  Now I just need to make sure I eat meat…I want meat, but I don’t go out of my way to make it or buy it.  I was always more of a chicken person, but I guess that ain’t cutting it.

We’ll see how my energy changes after this diet change…if it doesn’t help I’ll talk to my doctor on Tuesday when I go for my next appointment.

She likes to cuddle against baby.


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