Nesting and “oh, hello friend”

The change in seasons here in Hawaii is so subtle that even winter can feel like summer.  Some would argue there are no seasons at all in the islands – and I could see their point.

Lately I’ve been thinking up ideas on how to decorate the baby’s room and since we’re having a boy, I need to revamp the girly looking guest room that will be converted into our sons room.  So exciting!  Some great places I get ideas are of course on Google, but also on Pinterest!  If you don’t have Pinterest, check it out.

I’m also looking for gift ideas for many birthdays coming up and I found a fantastic idea from one of my favorite blogs ever called oh, hello friend: you are loved.  Danni (the blog creator) has the most wonderful, creative DIY projects ever and I’m going to try her latest one: Message In A Bottle.

I made some really pretty paper mache boxes in the winter as I nested and wanted to give them as wish boxes, with written wishes I have for the person getting the gift and was trying to think of a cute way to leave messages in the boxes.  Danni’s Message In A Bottle gave me a great idea for my gift to come true, so thank you to her amazing site.  She rocks!  If you haven’t checked out her site, please do.  It leaves me with a happy feeling inside every time I see visit it.

Go to my IDEAS page to check out my paper mache boxes and other craft ideas.  Here is a sneak peek on how those paper mache boxes turned out:

Small box

Small box

Bigger box

Bigger box

Thanks for reading!


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