Hunger Games…Story of My Life at the Moment!

My life could literally be called The Hunger Games because of my pregnancy.  I feel like every waking moment I’m planning on what to eat!  And not just going out to find my craving, but to curb my craving or when to give IN to my craving or when to look the other way and gobble down strawberries instead of potato chips.  By the way, I went through two boxes of strawberries in one week.  Baby loves strawberries?  Who knows!

I just went to see The Hunger Games and I feel….relieved?  I don’t know why.  I’m just glad they stuck to the book.

When I read the books…in 2010, I read them all in one week.  Once I decided I wanted to read The Hunger Games Trilogy, I read it and I couldn’t stop.  And when I finished the last book, I cried.  Not because the story was over…but because I think I was emotionally drained.  I will tell you now, you don’t get a happily ever after in this story.  After the killing, the war, the uprising…man, in the end, I grieved.  The book is written in first person and I felt like I was Katniss.  I was in her head and her heart…and well…read the books!  Don’t read them if you want a fairy tale ending, because YOU DON’T get that ending.

I am always apprehensive when they make books into movies.  People change things and I get it…they have to work with many factors.

Well last night my husband decided at 9pm he would read The Hunger Games in preparation for the movie viewing today.  He stayed up until 2am.  And then once he woke up this morning at 8:30am, he ate breakfast and promptly went upstairs to finish the book.  I couldn’t believe it.  He liked it.  A lot!  🙂

We got ready and in the car he asked me how the movie would capture Katniss’s thoughts, because remember, the book is written in her point of view.  I wondered about that also.  I told him I guess we’ll see.  I know the movie would have to “show” a lot since we wouldn’t hear her thoughts.  I think they did pretty good on that part.  Though you do miss some things without knowing what she’s thinking.

We caught the 1pm showing and I was surprised that there were:

#1 – many guys there

#2- many adult guys there with their family

#3 – many families there with children under seven years old, even babies just months old…

Why was I surprised?  I was expecting teenagers!  I didn’t see many.  Weird.

I thought oh boy, if this audience hasn’t read the book, I don’t know how they’ll like the movie.

As for me – I loved it, but I’m biased towards the books.  The books are way better, of course, aren’t they always?  They stayed true to the books.  Now…will they stay true til the end?  Because if they do then I’ll be pleased.  Some people don’t like how the trilogy ends…but I’m one of the people that thought it ended perfectly.

The Hunger Games trilogy is about war.  It’s about people and society.  It’s about suffering and struggle and how to find hope somewhere.  It doesn’t end pretty but war never ends pretty.  The Hunger Games movie only makes me hungrier for Catching Fire, the next installment.

I do have to add that The Hunger Games trilogy came into my life when I was dealing with the lost of a loved one, or many loved ones.  The despair and the changes Katniss goes through to the very end of the trilogy, almost reminded me of every gut-wrenching feeling I felt in my time of loss.  It’s why I feel so emotionally attached to the story.  But she got through it…like I did 🙂  One day at a time, changed, but still alive.  I remember at the end of the trilogy I wanted to tell Katniss, you DID good, no matter what has happened, you did good and you’ll be okay.

After reading the Hunger Games I was in a phase of reading Dystopian novels.  And it was a nice change from vampire books and paranormal stories which I had devoured for so long that I needed to detox! LOL….if you like Hunger Games check out these other books:

Divergent – by Veronica Roth (Insurgent, book 2 comes out SOON!!!! yippee!! I so love this book and I think it’s going to become a movie too, at least that was the latest news…also the thing about Books and right timing?  This book is set in Chicago and I loved it because I had just returned from my trip to Chicago when I picked this book up!  )

The Uglies Series – by Scott Westerfield (this book almost frightened me – to think teenagers all go through plastic surgery to fit in, yikes)


There’s more that I haven’t gotten around to reading but I will someday!

I don’t think the Hunger Games movie will satisfy everyone but it satisfied me.  And as a big fan of the trilogy I think that’s a good thing!

By the way — call me a “Capitolist” hahaha j/k but I loved Katniss’s eyelashes at the last interview near the end of the movie!  So cute!!

Effie’s eyelashes were pretty nuts.  Actually there were so many eyelash styles at the Capitol.

And come on…don’t you just love Katniss with her bow and arrow?  Reminds me of when Josh and I did some archery on Lanai…so much fun and I beat him too! He actually was doing really good at it.  It was a fluke that I won our little tournament!  On my last arrow, my instructor told me to put that bow up to my cheek, like leaning on it, and he told me to take a deep breath and release….it was so awesome when I hit bullseye!

And I can’t end this without quoting “May the odds be ever in your favor.”  😉 Hehe…Happy Hunger Games!


4 thoughts on “Hunger Games…Story of My Life at the Moment!

  1. I’m now reading The Hunger Games and I can relate to what you say about what Katniss is going through. Can’t wait to go to the cinema!

    Thanks for visisting my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment!

  2. i was reading this blog entry, but stopped because i’m finally finding time to read the first book of the trilogy…to cheska before nap and sleep time. it’s not much, but it’s a start…though maybe not the best book to read to her. she’ll probably have nightmares. ha! it’s sad to “read” it really doesn’t get any better for them…it’s just seems sad from the beginning…

    ps. i love the way you write. it’s very natural. like having a conversation with you. 🙂

    • Your reading the book to cheska? 🙂 You are too funny. By the way, I love her name. Francesca, so beautiful! But yes, it’s an amazing book in a different way, not a cinderella ending at all. When do you move to Japan? Or is it Okinawa? I so admire you for moving with a baby and all – go you!

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