Growing Kapolei

Josh and I are coming up on some anniversaries this summer.  In June, 3 years being together, 2 years in our home and in July, our one year wedding anniversary.

We been here almost two years in Ewa, and things are moving and shaking on the west side.  The proposed shopping center from years ago (in front of our sub-division) has been under construction since November.  That means I’ll have a shopping center in walking distance.   Besides a Safeway and City Mill, I’m excited to know what else will be at the shopping center.  Houses are being built here like crazy and they get snapped up quick.  But that’s Ewa.  In Kapolei…the city beside Ewa, it is definitely growing.  Roads that were closed to us two years ago, recently became open.  I get a thrill watching the city grow…I don’t know why.  It’s nice to be some place new I suppose.  They’ve open the Kroc Center, an amazing community center that Josh and I may join one day.

The Kroc Center Hawaii


Across the road from the center is a the new UH-West Campus, which is also under construction and will open this fall to students.  That’s exciting!

Future UH West Campus

At the end of this strip on North-South Road, will be an actual outdoor shopping mall for the west side of Oahu.  I can’t wait!

Ka Makana Ali'i - Future Shopping Complex

To top it off, Ka Makana and it’s “resort area” is still in the works.  It comes complete with lagoons like Ko’olina.  Ka Makana is the place we may be buying our next home…the home that we will settle down in forever! LOL…as Josh says.  But we’re still toying with the idea.

On Sunday, Josh and I decided to get some pasta at our favorite Italian restaurant Assaggios.  The restaurant was still closed and I thought I read it would be open at 5:30pm and it was only 4:57pm so I said I wanted to go across the street to check out a new cupcake place.  We went across the street to The Crossroads at Kapolei which is an area that seriously needs more tenants.  It is anchored by Chun Wah Kam, a chinese eatery and by Simply Organized.  There is also a new pizza place, Brick Oven Pizza that we tried couple months ago.

Brick Oven Pizza

We went to Cupcake and Things which is a very small shop, but to have one in Kapolei is a plus!  And with me and my cravings lately, I wanted to eat everything there.  Bad idea before dinner right?  So we left before I bought something.

Cupcake and Things Hawaii @ The Crossroads at Kapolei

We went to Simply Organized just to kill time and Josh had never been there so it was a little field trip for him.

Simply Organized

Low and behold we found something Josh needed.  Let me tell you about my husbands LEGO collection.  He has five cardboard boxes FULL of legos taking up space in a closet…just for that I say we need a bigger house.  He says one day he’ll rebuild them again…but thank goodness we’re having a baby boy because he can inherit his dad’s collection.  *sigh*  Boys and their toys!  So we found some Lego organization bins!

Red bins

Blue bins

A drawer organizer - much needed.

We killed enough time that there was about ten minutes to 5:30pm left, so we decided to go back to Assaggios.  Um, it was OPEN.  LOL…we looked at the sign and it opened at 5pm so our little field trip to the Crossroads was totally uncalled for.  I had a good laugh, my LASIK eyes failed me!  But at least we got in some walking before eating.

Yummy chicken marsala from Assaggios!

I ate half my plate, even though I could have easily eaten all of it.  I need to learn how to make this, since I crave it sometimes.  Josh said we weren’t getting dessert and I was bummed.  We got into the car and Josh rushed back over to the cupcake place.  I told him it was 6:05pm and they closed at 6, but there was one couple in there still deciding so we rushed in and picked our cupcakes, yippee!  I got a chocolate with oreo topping and he got a chocolate with peanut butter topping.

Cupcake Goodness!

I liked his way better than mine, maybe because I’m oreo’ed out.  As much as I love Oreos, I had so much of it the past few weeks.  But the place is great because they have cupcakes, cakes, parfaits, cookies and I’m glad!

Overall we had a nice little Sunday dinner date.  We better enjoy it before the two of us become the three of us 🙂 More updates on Growing Kapolei as they add more things, so stay tuned!



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