Sunday – Catching Up

Just finished watching the season premiere of Season 2 for The Game of Thrones.  Crazy stuff – I haven’t watched the show in awhile.  I never got through the first season only because I was awful at catching it on time , so I gave up.  I also couldn’t get used to the whole incest thing…but I guess that’s normal in days of old and monarchies…still…yuck.

But I do love fantasy stories and I haven’t read the books, and they film the show really well.  I always thought they did and Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister (although I hate the Lannisters) plays his role so good, it’s hard not to love the guy.  I missed a lot it seems but I think I can catch up, seems like everyone is a King now and I’m totally intrigued by the dragon that has hatched.  Who doesn’t love dragons?

Side note: Thank goodness I have HBO on Demand which allows me to watch the old episodes, which I’m doing as I write this post.  

Sundays are usually study days for my hubby – he’s taking a class to get ANOTHER computer certification.  He reads part of the day and I try to give him his privacy.  Today was a short reading chapter for him and then he wanted to go out and do something.  Yippee for me!  He wanted to take Sky to a park.  Yippee for her! 🙂

By the way – I LOVE the direwolves in The Game of Thrones that belong to the House Stark.  It reminds me of my own little wolf (not really, she’s only a husky/malamute).

I mentioned to Josh that there was a park that just opened up down the street, but I had never taken Sky there.  I used to take Sky to the parks when she was a puppy but something interesting always happened.  She’d be afraid.  I didn’t realize until later when every time I brought her she’d hide under the table, not exploring and playing like the other dogs, that something was wrong.  Then one day I took her to a popular dog park and once she entered the gate, a pack of dogs found her and started chasing after her, her tail was tucked and she found me, only to hide under the table as these dogs tried to sniff her.  I got scared they would harm her and removed her from the situation.

She’s not good meeting a pack of dogs.  She’s better at one on one meetings but even then, she’s frightened 😦  She doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence.  She’s the weak link.  She’s the submissive dog.  I’ve doggy-sat two dogs before and she ended up so well with them, she’s so playful when they are on her turf.  She loves the company.

I know now she senses my fear.  She gets finicky, she watches me and senses my impatience and nervousness.

Thank God for Josh.  He grew up with cats.  He thinks Sky and Nani are adorable and yet fascinating.  He doesn’t have my fears about Sky acting out.  We got her ready for her the park, but I reminded Josh profusely that if there were lots of dogs at the park,  I couldn’t take her in.  He’d have to do it, because she’d sense my fear and not leave me.  He said it would be fine.  But it wasn’t fine when I started feeling my anxiety.  It’s horrible.  It’s something I hate.  And Sky sensed it!  She wouldn’t get into the truck and I ordered her in and she ran from me…it didn’t help when Josh started the truck and the exhaust roared near her face, so that scared her even more.  She didn’t understand why I was antsy and I was getting impatient.  So Josh and I cajoled her with no success.  Josh went back into the house to get some treats and that’s when I pulled her leash close to me gently, I took a deep breath and smiled, making my voice softer, reassuring she was a good girl AND very pretty.  And just like that…when she knew I was going to be okay and released my frustration, she jumped in.

We drove to the park, with Josh reassuring me again.  He calms me – it’s why he’s my match.  We drove down to the park and there it was…the little enclosed dog park area with NO DOGS in it!  Hooray!  I was excited…for Sky.  This girl needs to be unleashed and run.  Josh runs her two miles, but that’s still on leash.  She’s beautiful to watch unleashed.

Happy dog running with Josh


Oh Happy Day!


Happy Girl!

Sky was a happy girl at the park and we only stayed there about fifteen minutes.  That’s how quickly she gets overheated and how much she runs around in the place.  I was very happy for her.  I wish the grass was more lush in the park, it isn’t, so the red dirt is exposed which means she came home with dirty feet.  Thank goodness I had a sheet to cover the backseat of my truck.

She’s been tuckered all afternoon after that fifteen minutes run in the park and her feet bathing afterwards.

I’ll try taking her again tomorrow or Tuesday, by myself.  Hopefully it will be empty again.  I think I can do it!  Sad isn’t it that I have to give myself a pep talk?  *sigh*  I’m only human with stupid fears.  So we’ll see how it goes.  I’d like it to become a routine for her.

It was a good day – add to that baby dancing in my womb, at it’s been a great day.  Now if only sleeping got easier as I got bigger.  Not so 😦 I think I’ve found the one thing I hate about being pregnant is sleeping.  I can not sleep comfortably and my hands feels like they are on fire with arthritis in the middle of the night.  Every thing else, I don’t mind.  We’re coming up on 20 weeks – the halfway mark, it’s a relief.

Soon we’ll be going around looking for cribs and things we need, so that’ll be fun.

Thanks for reading and Happy April!




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