Spring is in the Air!

Since I’ve been obsessing with my  garden – I decided to go out to the new Wal-Mart in Kapolei yesterday and pick out some blooms.

Got my gardening hat and gloves!

And just to be off-topic (sorry) I hear that Instagram is finally out for Android phones.  I have an iPhone and never knew the app wasn’t available for android phones until now.  Most of the pictures I use here on this blog are edited are on Instagram.  It’s simple and it’s my favorite phone app to make my awful 1st gen iPhone camera pictures look actually good.  No joke!

The pictures in this garden post though, I used another app – I have many photo apps I never use because I feel like Instagram’s just more convenient and easy to use.  But I didn’t want to leave my other apps so lonely so this time I used Pixlr-0-matic and just so you know, because my old phone is so slow, I do most of my photo editing on my ipad, which holds all my lovely apps.

So have fun new Instagram users – free apps like that ROCK.

On to my gardening…easy peasy this time.  I bought some flowers, bought some flower pots and decided to spend the afternoon repotting.  So what did I get?

Crete White - Garden Mum Chrysantheme


Yellow - Garden Mum Chrysantheme



I got some cheap pots because I wanted to go to other stores to take a look at the variety out there before deciding on some nice ceramic ones.  So for now these plastic cheap ones will do!

Plastic flower pots

I had taken Sky out earlier to the dog park and it was a hot day.  It was still warm when I decided to repot my plants, but at least there was lots of shade under my front door step.  Nani-Girl was curious about the plants.  I may have to move them because she’s blind and may knock them over.  We’ll see…she did good last night and this morning avoiding them.

Nani-Girl keeping me company as I pot my plants.

Gracing my front step - beautiful colorful flowers! So happy!

As far as Sky was concerned, she wouldn’t hang out with us.  There is a place behind the a/c unit that she frequents but at the time of day, I think the shade was moving…so instead, she laid under this red bushy tree that has grown so nicely.  I didn’t know she used this area as her shady spot until now!  That is one thing they are missing from the dog park, shade.  It’s so hot out there.

She's happy under her "tree". LOL...

Trying to take a nap but I keep calling her to me. She ain't budging though.

And just for kicks because I feel like I pay too much for vegetables (on top of the crazy gas prices here? $4.54/unleaded yesterday in Ewa Beach!) I took a stalk of green onion from my fridge and stuck it into one of my pots.  We’ll see how it grows…

Grow please, grow!

It was a successful day with the dog park and the plants.  I’m going to finish a crafting project by tomorrow, or Thursday, so check out my craft blog Fanciful Wishes when you get a chance.

I hope my flowers do well – I already spied some white flies circling them this morning, so I have to be wary about that 😦  I hate those irritating white flies.  They’ve ruined most of my other garden already.  *sigh* Anyone got solutions for it?

But for now I have a beautiful bouquet outside my doorstep, I can’t tell you how much it makes me happy 🙂  The day should start off with something that makes you smile!

Spring is here!



2 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air!

  1. Beautiful flowers and dogs! It’s hard to walk our dog during the day now. We don’t have very tall trees and the nearby park where we walk has. I shade. Enjoy your blog!

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