Happy Easter – Hubby Shopping

I finally got the hubby to go shopping yesterday.  Yes, HE went shopping.  I can only get him to do this a few times a year, but he needed running shoes, tennis shoes and new work pants.  I had to buy shorts.  We had a good time and I got my exercise.  I thought it was really cute when we were in Old Navy and he saw some baby clothes, which he bought with such excitement.


He bought baby’s first clothes.

We came home and I was tired.  The walking was maybe too much for me because ever since yesterday afternoon, my left hip joint has been in excruciating pain when I stand and walk.  Josh had to help me around the house yesterday…(sigh)  I’m nearing 21 weeks and I’m sure it’s my ligaments and pelvic area stretching but it’s painful.  Not sure what to do about it.  I’ll talk to my doctor at my appointment in 2 weeks.  I try to stretch it out but the pain almost catches me off-guard.  It feels the same as when I was first pregnant and still working.  It’s the reason I stopped working in the first place.  The pain makes me catch my breath, so hopefully there is something I can do about it.  It doesn’t help that two days ago I was weeding in the garden – maybe I over did it.  😦

Other than that, all is well

I hope all of you have a Happy Easter and thanks for reading!


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