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Hi all!

Last night I was scrolling through my twitter feed and found an interesting tweet from Honolulu Daily.  The tweet said “Volunteers needed: Hawaiian Typing Project”.  I clicked it since I definitely have time to volunteer.

The project to me is kind of awesome.  It’s an ongoing typing project called ‘Ike ku’oko’a – perpetuating the Hawaiian language.  Apparently they had this typing social hour here in Honolulu where volunteers came with their laptops to help out by typing out old Hawaiian language newspapers onto a computer database.  Volunteers type the articles, word for word.  They need thousands of typists to meet the July deadline.

Word about this has spread all over the world and people from various countries are volunteering – how sweet is that?  I got excited about this project because I worked in a college library for five years.  I was in charge at one point of microfilm and microfiche, yes that film that students are afraid to use because it’s so archaic.  People who are so used to looking up their research online would rather not deal with a microfilm machine and I don’t blame them.  But not EVERY THING is online…yet.  Google is trying to do it.  But scanning images is easy.  They scanned these newspaper microfilm to make it easy for volunteers like me to have access to it…but is it readable?  I’ve been working on my section since 7:30am with breaks in between because some parts are so illegible it’s frustrating.  Imagine someone using this very scan as research and not being able to read it at all.  That’s where this project comes in.

Check out what I’ve been looking at today:


Yup, as you can see in the left doc which is what I’m trying to type verbatim…the last column is practically faded 😦  Bummer!  When I do work, I tend to be a perfectionist and it frustrates me when I can’t get everything.  They do have guidelines and when you can’t read something they ask you put an “@”.  I’m almost done but damn…that last column…grrr…anyway I just need to finish, proof it and send it in and get my next section.

I think projects like these are important, especially to the Hawaiians.  This is their written history from the 1890 to the 1940’s.  It should be searchable online and we’re helping to do that.  I have a soft spot for archives, libraries, the written word and history.  This makes me swing towards getting my Masters in Library Science again…but I know what Librarians do and it’s not type scripting documents like these unfortunately.

A cool find while I was typing – I found the name of my husband’s mother’s family.  The Lyman Family.  They landed in Hilo from Massachusettes and sure enough in the document I’m typing out, I found their names.  Now if only I knew what the whole document said in Hawaiian!  I told Josh and he got really excited.  Too cool.  Wanna help out?  Go to Awaiaulu.org to sign up and volunteer.  It’s easy.

Alright, after I finish this document it’s time to cook dinner.  Tonight on the menu, crab won tons and maybe some pork ones..stay tuned for that post tomorrow.

And for anyone reading on the west side of Oahu – another tweet I saw today from Nonstophonolulu – Eat the Street is happening this Saturday in Kapolei!  Hurray!  I’m going to make Josh go with me.  I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile now but it’s always in town and too far.  Cuz ya know…I can so eat anything right now!

When: Saturday, April 14 from 3-8pm

Where: Kapolei High School football field

Admission: FREE

Parking: on campus

Who’s going?  I am! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Volunteering and Tweets

  1. That sounds awesome that you’re doing that, Yolanda! I can see that last column having all those “@”s!!! What do they do to figure out the words? Really awesome about finding your husband’s fam name!!! What are the chances??? Also, wish I could go to that streat ( get it? Haha) fest! I’d love to eat some good stuff!

    • Streat-cute! Not sure if they can find out the words if these are the only copies they have of that original newspaper, which is unfortunate. That’s the sucky thing about microfilm and discarding material that is old and withered. 😦

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