Baby Kicks

Ahhh…I am 21 weeks going on 22 weeks and baby has been quite active the past 2 days.  Lots of tumbling and prods around my belly button.  I don’t have the sucker punch yet or the high kicks but even just these little movements sort of takes my breath away.  Literally.  Last night after dinner I told Josh I felt like I couldn’t breath-he had to calm me down so I didn’t panic and it helped.  It’s a strange feeling I have to say.  It made me laugh yesterday when he just wouldn’t stop moving around but happy that he was moving!

Right now the day is overcast and I’m sure my blood sugar is low because I’m really tired and I had eaten lunch at 10:30am and it’s now 3:49pm which means I’m hungry.  Tired and hungry.  I don’t know if I should take a nap or eat.

My hands HURT.  And it is due to my volunteer typing gig – this pregnancy carpal tunnel thing just doesn’t help at all.  So I’m trying to take a break from my computer except I had to blog of course since I won’t tomorrow.  I’m too sore.  I’ll have to finish the new document I’m tupe scripting but not today 😦

Yesterday I did some crafting-check out my link to see what I did:

After doing my crafts I realized I had so much crafting paper and stuff that I am going to make my OWN greetings cards before buying any more (because I tend to buy them!)…*sigh* I need to do it to get rid of all this stuff in my closet.  Plus it will keep me busy.

I haven’t been baking anything.  Bummer.  Mostly because my hubby is on a diet!  Thanks hubby.  I’m waiting for the mangoes on my mom’s tree to ripen so I can make mango bread!

My family came home from the Philippines – my sister survived it, thank goodness! My nephew went on this trip with a bad cold and apparently he got worse there and couldn’t do much for 4 days!  Oh my!  He got better and came back with a tan.  Uh huh..he spent a lot of time at the beach and with new cousins he met.  My youngest nephew got sick coming BACK from the trip.  *Shakes head*  I’m just glad they are all safe and sound.  And they bought me some pretty comfortable and pretty maternity dresses.  Thanks mom and sis!

Maternity Dresses from Mom and Sis

I tried them all on – to which my 6 year old nephew said “How many more are you going to try?”  Boys.  I tell you. But they all fit-hooray!  I hope they fit still for the next three-four months!  I love how comfortable they are-but I look SO pregnant in them.  I guess I was avoiding dresses because I felt like I was wearing a tent, but these I can do.  Plus I am pregnant I can’t avoid the bump!

Alright-before this hunger headache hits me I better end this here and make me something for dinner.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I’m going to Eat the Street tomorrow, so look forward to some pics of that in the next few days.



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