Eat the Street – Kapolei

To start off, I can’t write this post without mentioning my fun Friday night watching the Kahiko competition of the Merrie Monarch Festival.  I only watch kahiko because to me it’s the best  hula to watch.  It calls to the heart of what I think “Hawaii” is.  So here are some images of that – I took pictures from the t.v. since I wasn’t in Hilo to actually watch the competition.




It was a beautiful competition and there is just nothing like it!

Now on to Eat the Street….

Thank you to whoever put on the Eat the Street in Kapolei.  My husband and I had a fantastic time!  We went to the Kapolei High School field on Saturday to check out the different foods at the Eat the Street event.  It’s a truck wagon event.  I’m not sure how many there were, but I’ll round off at about twenty.  There was a section for other vendors and even some entertainment.  The field grass was nice for a picnic and the hot day turned cool in the evening so it was PERFECT.

First, we walked down the line of food truck wagons or tents and then decided what we wanted.  Josh wanted a Malasadas Burger from the Local Stop lunch wagon.  He ordered that while I went to the Elena’s lunch wagon.  For some reason filipino food sounded good (okay, so it wasn’t exactly “different” for me, but it’s what I wanted).

Local Stop Lunch Wagon

Malasadas Burger from Local Stop


Pork Adobo Fried Rice Omelet from Elena's


We also wanted to try the waffle dog!  So we went to get some.

Waffle Dog

We didn’t know what to put on the waffle dog.  Since it was a hot dog, Josh automatically went for the ketchup and mustard.  I was torn so I kept mine plain.  Then he saw the bottle of syrup and thought he should have put that instead.  I had Josh go find a place on the grass with all our food since we also wanted to get some french fries from Street Frites.

At Street Frites, a cone of frites was $5 and I could choose 2 dipping sauces from the 14 listed.  Yikes.  I didn’t know what to try, I wanted to try more than 2 but I know Josh and his ketchup obsession so I got that for him.  I picked out a Rosemary Garlic dip.  I headed back to him to begin devouring our spread of food, he was almost halfway done with his malasadas burger.  He loved it.

My plain waffledog

Josh's waffle dog


Belgian style Frites..yum

Boy did we feast.  The atmosphere was lovely with lots of families picnicking on the grass and some even brought their dogs.  It was all around a good time and the sun was setting, which was nice.

Feasting on my delicious waffle dog. I'd have gone for the syrup after taking a bite. The waffle was just yum.

The spread

My favorite was the waffle dog.  The pork adobo fried rice omelet was so huge, I took most of it home (which I ate for lunch today)…but I’m picky about filipino food.  Now if it was my mom’s pork adobo in that omelet, it would have been to die for 🙂 LOL…seeeee…picky.  But eating it the day after was perfect.  Definitely filling and tasty.

I liked the Rosemary Garlic sauce for the frites (which were awesome fries by the way) but Josh didn’t like it, he’s a ketchup guy.  I should’ve maybe chosen the honey mustard sauce or there was even one called Bacon Jam.  Yum.

Sitting there with Josh, I really wished I could have tried EVERYTHING.  But how would I have been able to walk afterwards?  We did think about dessert and we both wanted the same thing.  The Red Velvet Cheesecake Malasadas from the Local Stop wagon where he bought his burger.

Me and the hubby enjoying the evening of food!

So after sitting for a bit and enjoying the ambience we got up (and it’s starting to get difficult for me to get up off the ground unassisted-it’s the belly).  We headed back to the Local Stop wagon and ordered our malasadas dessert.

hello gorgeous....

We didn’t have enough cash on us to get two and the wait for these suckers took awhile.  It was in demand.  It was good, so much so that I wish I had ice cream with it.  Josh wish he had his own, but we did share.  After that we decided it was time to leave before we hungered for anything else.  We made one pit stop to get some kettle corn though.

Kettle Corn Hawaii

I don’t know why but ever since last night I’ve been craving lemonade or an iced tea lemonade.  One of the vendors were selling it last night but I didn’t get one.  I saw everyone walking around with it though.  Should’ve gotten it!  Oh well!  That was our Eat the Street adventure and we hope they have it again out here.  They should do it once a month because I could eat like that any day!  And there were so many places to try that I didn’t get to, so PLEASE bring it back again 🙂  Pretty please!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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