The 22nd Week

I haven’t posted in awhile, not because I didn’t have anything to post-but because my pregnancy carpal tunnel has been really a pain.  To the point I have to ice my wrists in the morning.  😦  It sucks, but I have only 18 weeks (17 more weeks come Tuesday) to go.  The carpal tunnel is due to the swelling of my tissues and when I lay down at night the fluid in my body disperses everywhere.  I hate it, but it’s just another part of the journey to having this baby.

Speaking of baby – he’s been kicking more.  Josh spoke to him, his lips to my belly and baby kicked me!  LOL…I wish Josh could feel it, but he can’t yet.  I’m getting bigger, not too much heavier, but bigger.  And sleeping is starting to become a challenge…last night I slept on the couch because the two beds we have in the house is either too hard or too soft, and the couch is just right.  Who am I?  Goldilocks? 🙂

My exercise now is at the Kroc Center where Josh and I became members.  I walk around in the lazy river pool, I do a few laps and it does wear me out.  But it’s easier on my joints than walking my dog.

Eating lunch at the Kroc Center

The first time I went by myself on Tuesday, I tried out their cafe…and the food was delicious especially after my work out.

Yakisoba, Brown Rice, Mac Salad and Braised Short Ribs

I took my nephew and my sister to the Kroc Center on Friday and I had fun with Isaiah and his attempt to swim.  So cute!  I cannot wait to bring baby to the Kroc Center to play in the water and then get swim lessons.  My mother, bless her heart, cleaned my house while we had some water fun.  Then I went a second time that day when Josh came home from work and he wanted to laze around the lazy river.  I had more than my share of exercise and sunshine…I was so tired.  I had all day today to recover though, but I woke up feeling horrible.  I feel better now.

Isaiah and I at the Kroc Center...I look so huge!

I’m trying to stay away from my sweets craving, but I’m sure that’s a pregnancy thing.  I have such a craving.  Earlier this week after shopping for household stuff at Target, I stopped at Menchies just for dessert.  I would have never done that if I wasn’t pregnant!

Menchies Fro-Yo

I’ll be in my 6th month soon…I can’t believe time has gone by that quick!  Soon baby will be here…the feelings I have are excitement, anxiousness and anticipation.  Life will change.  Life is already changing…

One thing I am frustrated about is that I wanted to find a good job here on the west side of Oahu since I live here now.  I have a job waiting for me in town, if I want it still, after I give birth.  But that’s a lot of driving time, the only good thing about it is that I have family to babysit.  Few weeks ago I got called to interview for a job I’ve been trying for since last year.  I interviewed for it but it was always wrong timing and couldn’t get my foot quite through the door.  I had my wedding-when they needed me for the training.  I went on my honeymoon when they wanted to interview me again.  And they just recently called me, but now I am pregnant!  Talk about bad timing and maybe it’s just not in the cards, like God saying…don’t do it, you’ll hate it.  LOL…

This second job opportunity was actually what I was really waiting for because the job wouldn’t be as strenuous as massaging, I’d be going back into the library field which I miss because I like being in a learning environment, plus the facility is ten minutes from my house.  If I got the job, I’d have to start in June…I give birth in August, meaning I’d be leaving them short handed when they open their doors (it’s a new facility)…I can’t do that to them.  But let’s just say it would have been perfect…(sigh) I’m just glad I have the connections to people I used to work with that think of me for future jobs!  That’s awesome!  Makes me feel like I really was a valuable part of the places I used to work for, which is a good feeling. I told the person asking me to apply to consider me for future jobs because I’d be totally interested after my first few months with baby.  I have to stay positive and cross my fingers.

My hubby is a great supporter and tells me I don’t have to work.  I understand he is a great provider but I want to contribute.  I NEED to help provide even though he does a great job already…but I think I grew up in a two working parent household and it’s what I know.  I feel useless not working even though my hubby reminds me I keep the house clean, the dogs fed, the fridge stocked, put food on the table and the chores taken care of.  And I’m growing his baby.  LOL.  I understand…but I guess I like to work.  I miss it.  But as Kapolei builds more buildings and more jobs come to the west side I’m very confident I’ll find something at the right time…even if it’s at the new retirement center they are building.  My degree is in Gerontology, go figure.  One thing I’m really happy about is having my degree, having my massage license and then my library experience…I’ve delved into different interests of mine and I can fall back on all of those fields.  It’s kind of awesome.  I have a degree, but I can still work in a trade.  So I can’t be too down about missing an awesome opportunity…they will come.  They always do, even when I’m not looking.  🙂

And that’s my update for now.  Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate it!




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