23 Weeks: Crossing Things Off My List

I recently had to make a list, that keeps getting longer.  But yesterday I managed to cross off a bunch of things.  It was great except I think I over did it and my hips hurt all last night.

* I finally sent off wedding photos off to family members.  It took me almost a year…sorry!

* I finally renewed my Costco Membership – since now baby is coming and we have a reason now to buy things in bulk.  🙂

* I also bought a hand splint for my carpal tunnel (suggested by my dr.).  I only bought one…to test it out.  Now I need another one for the other hand, because it works great.

* I then spontaneously decided to make a pizza steak (Philly Pizza Cheesesteak) because I really appreciate and love my husband and I wanted to do something that reminded him of home.  He can’t find a  good cheesesteak place in Hawaii and I don’t blame him.  He was so happy which made me very happy.

* On top of that I crafted and finished future birthday presents (things I may not be able to finish when baby is here) and I even fixed the curtain rod that my hubby managed to break.  I think that was what hurt my back…straining my back and reaching skywards with a drill in hand.

* Or maybe my hips hurt because Sky had an episode at the dog park again and I ended up walking her and trying to control her rambunctiousness.  *sigh*

Something to help me breathe.

My hips hurt so bad last night I had difficulty sleeping.  So today, though I’m bored, I need to do nothing.  Of course I’m going to work on my volunteering type-script project with Awaiaulu but I’m going to take it easy.  I did want to go to the pool, but I won’t push it.

Things to do next:

* Signing up for Lamaze classes, but the schedule at Queens is in the middle of the week and at night, which means my hubby will have to rush from work.  Not ideal.  I’ll check at some other places.

* I did sign up today for the maternity ward tour at Queens.

* Today I’m going through the list of pediatricians my doctor recommended.  Checking out their grades online.

* We haven’t even gone crib shopping yet! Haha…Hopefully after my husbands final this coming week, we can go check out some cribs and infant car seats.

* My glucose screening is coming up, so I need to watch my sugar intake.

I am looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend because we are going to celebrate Josh’s birthday and my babymoon…hopefully the hotel bed doesn’t make my back hurt too bad!  But it will be so nice to just have a mini “staycation”.  We can finally use our wedding gifts!  We have gift cards we can use all in Waikiki which is so awesome.

The list grows, but it shortens as well, and that’s very important.  And when I feel overwhelmed I just think about my husband who goes to work everyday as I stay home and hold down the fort.  I am grateful for all he does.  And then when that doesn’t work, I think about Deepak Chopra’s mantra and try not to let the past or the future affect me and to concentrate on NOW. 🙂  It does help.

Hope you all are crossing things off your lists too!


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