Goodbye Piano, Hello TJ Maxx

My mom woke me up at 7:25am this morning…I was awake, just laying in bed after getting out of bed earlier because Sky barfed up pieces of grass…*sigh*  So I had to clean that up.  The hubby had left for work 30 minutes ago and I was just staring at the window curtain, all lit up from the glorious morning sun (by the way…I LOVE mornings…gotta love how that sun shines).

She called me to ask if I was headed to town today…but of course, it’s Thursday!  My “let’s visit mom day”…plus I had a lunch date with my old boss from HPU at noon in town.

I went over, saw that my poor nephew Isaiah was still sick from last week and was going to the doctors again.  I also noticed that everything was cleaned off our old piano and I asked what was going on.  They are donating it to the school my eldest nephew attends!  Awww….I had that piano when I was around seven or eight…I was happy to see it go to good use, but sad to see it go.

One day when we have a bigger house, Josh and I want a piano.

Bye Baldwin! I’ll Miss You!

By the way, I don’t think my dad’s keyboard is being donated…but I may be wrong.

My mom and I went to Target, since that’s what she wanted me to visit for.  She went and bought detergent…and one for me.  She bought bananas and some for me.  She bought a cardigan and a maternity top for me….she is TOO funny.  She can’t resist buying me household items even when I say, no I don’t need it!  Oh well, she’s my mom, she wants to take care of me still since she hardly gets to do so.

I headed off to lunch at Ala Moana Shopping Center – lunch with my old boss was awesome.  It was great catching up on things that have happened since I last saw her.  It’s been about a year…almost two since I last worked with her.  We had a light salad bar lunch at Ruby Tuesday and great conversation as usual!

Afterwards I decided, though I thought it was crazy to check out the new TJ Maxx store’s grand opening at Ward Center.  I found parking right away, yippee…but when I went up to the floor where the store was held (so thought it would be on ground level)…I felt claustrophobic!  Yikes…the check-out lines were crazy long and how could women even move their baby strollers in there, I do NOT know.  Okay so I was thinking of getting my mom a gift card there…but that will have to wait, seriously.  Maybe I’ll have better luck at the one opening in Pearl City on May 10th?  So I stayed five minutes and left.  hehehe… 🙂

TJ Maxx at Ward Center

I thought the store would be bigger, like two floors bigger, but it’s not.  It makes me wonder what will take up the bottom floor.  How about an H & M?  As if I go shopping…I’m like the girl who never goes shopping (because I don’t work right now and don’t feel justified to go shopping with my husbands money).  But an H & M would be nice!

This weekend we’re FINALLY going to look for cribs and car seats so yippee, can’t wait for time with the hubby.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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