Babies R Us Adventure

The hubby and I FINALLY went to look at cribs, strollers, and other things at Babies R Us in Pearl City.  I will admit-I was overwhelmed in the store.  I already started my registry online, but it’s different going in person.  We were surrounded with parents and parents to be, which made our situation all too real.  In 15 weeks we’ll have baby Elijah…15 weeks (sooner or later, you never know!).

I’ve been going back and forth on wondering what to do with our living situation. We live in a small starter home, with 3 bedrooms.  The guest bedroom with my old bed though doesn’t give us much room for a crib unless we put that bed in storage or we get a mini crib.  Keeping the bed would be a tight fit, but the thought of taking apart the bed frame and paying for a monthly storage unit is ridiculous.

We did find a mini crib at Babies R Us…

Mini Crib @ Babies R Us

It’s really great that these days the cribs can eventually be turned into a full sized twin or full bed.  I think my hubby was floored at all the the things that was in the store.  I mean there isn’t just one type of crib, there are twenty.  There isn’t one type of stroller or infant car seat there are so many kinds!

We did find a crib we liked but I was still undecided about it because I didn’t know how it would fit.  I was thinking one way and he was thinking another, needless to say we were SO not on the same page in the store.  LOL…typical.

The stroller was an interesting choice.  My hubby was thinking he’d like to run with baby until he becomes a toddler, so we looked at regular strollers and then joggers.  He even tested it, running up and down the aisle with women watching him in surprise.  Yes, that’s my husband and he does a lot of research to make an informed decision, even running up and down an aisle with a stroller. 🙂

Jogger Stroller with Infant Car Seat

We were armed with a scanner gun of course, to add more items to our registry but by the time we went back and forth looking at cribs, I had to admit I was a little stressed out, a headache was coming on and I didn’t scan anything.  We decided what the hell and started scanning the crib and stroller, some blankets and that’s it.  I think even my hubby was tired.

When we were about to leave the store my hubby mentioned that maybe the jogger stroller was too big for me?  And I though, oh my goodness, it IS.  I don’t really know if it is, but it started worrying me if I can maneuver the damn thing or collapse it and the space it would take up in my car (hell I have a truck, so that’s fine).  We haven’t bought it yet, so hopefully I can do some research and be sure that’s what I want since I’ll be the one mostly with the baby.  I think I need something more compact.  I left the store feeling more stressed out but we went to watch a movie to take our minds of it.  We watched The Raven which was pretty good.  I love Edgar Allan Poe.  I have a book of all his crazy stories, but my favorite it the Raven of course and Annabel Lee.

Hubby asked me when we got home if I had a good time shopping because he knew I’d been looking forward to the Babies R Us trip and I told him no, I felt overwhelmed.  He was concerned.  I didn’t even know how much all of this was bothering me.  I even talked to my mom who asked me what I will do with the dogs when the baby comes.  I never thought to do anything.  She’s concerned because Nani-Girl is on medication and needs help walking down the stairs, she’s blind and doesn’t walk down by herself.  Sky, is rambunctious and needs lots of exercise.  So I added that to my list of things to decide on!

But my hubby is great…he pried my worries out of me and reminded me that we were a team.  I love him and I know he’s right.

As for the crib, we’ve decided that our master bedroom is the biggest room to have it.  That way when my hubby has to go back to work after his paternity leave he can catch some zzz’s in the guest bedroom while I take care of baby.  We won’t have to put the extra bed into storage and pay for that.  With the dogs, we’ll make it work.  I’ll keep them out from the baby room or the stairs with a gate (I already do that when I don’t want Nani-Girl to follow me).  I’m going to be a stay-at-home mom for about a year or two so I’m not rushing off on some crazy work schedule.  I’ll have to train Sky to walk along the stroller but I have faith in her.  She grew up with my nephews so she was around babies before and did really well.  She liked to lick their toes and face (because of the milk)…but if we said no, she’d back off.

So I’m okay again!  I have a supportive husband that talks me down from my “crazy” and “anxiety”.  With the due date only a few months away…it can get a bit overwhelming.

As far as the pregnancy goes, tomorrow is week 25 meaning only 15 weeks left.  Eeks!

Some updates:

* my hands hurt even more…my knuckles are very swollen, day and night.  This is my biggest problem because it feels like I have arthritis.

* my feet doesn’t hurt like it used to, which is surprising…yippee!

* sleeping is a little more annoying each night…I sleep in the guest bedroom or on the couch.  Even the couch annoys me these days.

* I haven’t signed up for Lamaze yet because there isn’t a schedule my hubby and I can really follow, why does it have to be on a week night AND at night? *sigh*  But I got to get on it.

Check out my other blog Fanciful Wishes for my latest cooking adventures 😉 Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate it!


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