Photo Book Project

My garden


Today is a quiet Tuesday and all I did was go grocery shopping, walk the dogs, waste time on Facebook playing games and now I’m blogging.  My windows are open and I get to see my garden thriving in the sunshine.  It is a beautiful day.

Miss Nani-Girl is in fine form today so I decided to post a pic of her.  Cutie pie, isn’t she?  My dogs have been confused about my sleeping patterns.  Since it’s difficult to sleep in the master bed, I’ve resorted to going back and forth from the guest bedroom to the couch.  Fun.  (Not really.)  The dogs follow me everywhere.  I wish they’d stick to my hubby like glue but I guess they’ve known me the longest.

A project I was going to continue today was my scanning pictures in order to put them into photo books.  Click here to read about my photo book projects: and here is part two:

So I’m just sitting here typing as Elijah decides to kick at my tummy.  I’m making coconut shrimp tonight for dinner…yum!  Hopefully it tastes as good as how it did at my wedding.  Til then I think I’ll just go take a nap since there isn’t anything else to do, and I’ll start scanning after my nap-I did all the laundry yesterday and I steam mopped the floor on Sunday (my hubby things I’m crazy…nope, just bored).  I had a nice lunch with a friend yesterday but today I guess is my rest day.  I’ll go to the pool tomorrow and walk around.

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday 🙂



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