Mother’s Day and Massage Stories

photo via Shape Wellness Studios

Mother’s Day is this Sunday 🙂  I dropped off my mom’s and sister’s gift yesterday so I can cross that off my list.

I was thinking yesterday of past Mother’s Day when I was working at the spa as a massage therapist.  Last year I was working at a spa on Mother’s Day weekend and it was busy, as it usually is on a holiday.  One mother came in totally surprised.  Her son had dropped her off at the curb and told her to go inside the doors.  I was outside at the time when he left her on the curb and I escorted her to the front desk.

Poor mom was clueless.  I ended up being her massage therapist and she had never had a massage before.  She said her son told her they were going to dinner, that was it.  Well apparently he planned for her to have a lovely spa day before dinner.  She was treated with a massage, facial, mani and pedi.  I thought it was really sweet and she was genuinely appreciative.  She was also a bit nervous because she had never had a massage before and laying on a bed almost naked can be a little unnerving for first time clients.

She had a full treat and a great son who bought the whole package for her.  She didn’t have to do a thing but relax.  It was days like that when I really loved my job.  Even though I had massages back to back killing my hands and feet.  Acts like that warm my heart.  But moms you totally deserve for all the things you do!

I’ve never given my mom a spa day since I massage her whenever she wants.  Plus, I’d need to go with her to the spa so she didn’t feel totally out of place.  My mom is pretty amazing.  She does back breaking work as a hotel maid, always going in to work when they need her for over time, early or later shifts, cleaning up messes that guests leave behind.  Her hands hurt, her shoulders and back and her feet.  It’s not an easy job.  She helps take care of her grandchildren and I know will be there to help me with my own baby.  And she takes care of me still…whenever she can.  She likes to clean my house when she comes to visit me, cook me food that I may be craving, buying me house stuff like detergent and toilet paper (I don’t know why) or bananas and maternity clothes.  She wants me to move closer to her so she can keep an eye on me, even though I’m only 45 minutes away.  We’ve had our differences but they’ve only made us closer.

Who teaches women how to mothers?   They learn from what they’ve seen in their own families, what they learn in their cultures, learn from their own instincts and a lot of times learn on their own through mistakes.  They don’t call it the toughest job for nothing.  I can’t believe I’m going to be a mommy soon – that the title will be part of me.  It’s surreal but I’m so ready.  I just hope I’m as good a mom as my mother has been and IS to me!


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