Baby Kicks

Tomorrow I’ll be 26 weeks pregnant which means only 14 weeks to go.  Wow.

Mother’s Day was yesterday and it made my anticipation for baby to be here kick up a notch.  We also toyed with his middle name and I think it will be Matthew.  Elijah Matthew…:-)  I love it!

And how was your mother’s day?  I woke up and made pancakes for breakfast which the hubby enjoyed.  Then I dealt with some sinus congestion (it was pretty bad three days ago so I’m still recovering) and then a headache.  The headaches haven’t been strong but annoying enough.  I’m in the last week of my 2nd trimester and I think my hormones have kicked up another notch.  The headaches started last week, so we’ll see how my next doctor’s appointment goes.  I’ll be taking the glucose screening test next week and I have this bad feeling I’ll fail   😦  I have to admit that sugar has been really hard to kick.  I’m better with kicking salt.  I think I’ve done fairly well, I’m going to be 26 weeks and have only gained 13 lbs this whole pregnancy so far.  I thought it was too low, but apparently, baby is growing fine.

Hubby setting up the grill!

For mother’s day my very sweet and patient husband decided to grill up some steak, bake some Ore-Ida french fries and he even bought me a salad for dinner.  We finished off the night with some ice cream from Baskin Robins.  🙂  Oh and he also bought me some flowers…lol…after I kept asking him where my flowers were.  Seriously…he really deals with me and my antics.

Red mums? Love.

As much as I enjoyed my steak, ice cream and flowers…my favorite part of the day was when I went upstairs to lay down because of my headache.  The headache could be a result of not sleeping to good.  My right hip hurts, my left boob hurts, both my hands from the wrists to fingers hurt and  so I tried to take a nap.  But who wouldn’t let me sleep?  My little Elijah.  Kick, kick, kick, flip and flip.  Hubby came to check on me to ask me what was wrong.  I told him his sound won’t let me sleep.  He start rubbing my feet and telling me how he was going to make me a steak dinner and no, ice cream wasn’t acceptable as a dinner meal.  🙂  I tried. I told you I’m incorrigible.

Elijah wouldn’t stop, so I flipped over onto my back and told my hubby to talk to him since he wouldn’t settle down.  So he placed his lips on my left abdomen and began talking.  I squeal when Elijah kicks because I’m always amazed by the feeling, it’s weird but cool.  I placed my hubby’s hand where he was kicking me and told him to be quiet for a moment.  And then Elijah kicked hard, right under my hubby’s palm and I love seeing my husband’s smile.  It’s our son in there and I know hubby is so excited to have him here.  He has all these plans when Elijah gets older, karate lessons, camping, skiing…lol…geez.  It feels nice when my hubby puts a hand on my abdomen, I like the weight and comfort of it.  So we laid there and Josh decided to play a game with him…he tapped my abdomen with his hand and then Elijah would kick.  I told him to stop after awhile because it was making me squeal too much.  lol…

But that moment made my mother’s day.  I can get depressed and annoyed with all my aches and pains but it will have been worth it when Elijah is here.  I don’t mind if he keeps me up all night, I have no where else to be but with him.  Lately I can’t sleep anyway, I feel like he’s making me practice giving up my sleep already!

So things to look forward to in the next coming weeks:

* next doctor’s appointment – hope I pass my screen test <crossing fingers!>

* getting the bedroom ready for Elijah

* Lamaze classes next month @ Kapiolani Women’s and Children Center since Pali Momi classes were all filled 😦 and a maternity ward tour at Queens Medical Center.

* my baby shower in July (thanks big sis-she’s really awesome)

* my old college buddy visiting in July too! (eek, can’t wait!)

* oh and I have to buy a fake baby toy just to get the dogs used to me carrying a baby around..LOL…fun, fun, fun!

Speaking of dogs-man are they so confused with my sleep pattern.  This morning I woke up before 6am, went down to make some decaf coffee, toast with peanut butter and peeled two clementine oranges (one for me, one for hubby) for a really early breakfast.  The dogs followed me downstairs-they don’t usually wake up until I do at 7:30am or 8am so that’s why it’s only 8:45am as I write this post and they are tuckered out.  I don’t blame them, now I want to sleep also.

I’m messing with her sleep patterns…lol…tongue out and tuckered out.

I need to get some exercise in today so I have another hour before the Kroc Center pool opens, so I think I am going to nap 🙂  Unless Elijah decides to dance all morning like he has been while I’ve written this post.  Happy Monday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Baby Kicks

  1. oh i loved reading this. first, it made me think of how amazing it was to have francesca inside…growing. and second, it’s just so sweet to hear or rather, read, another woman’s experience. i feel a bit like a voyeur in your life. you both are going to be such wonderful parents. there’s so much love between the two of you to give! thank you for sharing this- so joyful!
    hugs, heidi
    life full of loves

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