Kitchen Aid

Hello readers!

I decided to write a post since Elijah is on a roll kicking in my belly.  Writing will take my mind of it because it feels weird the stronger/bigger he gets.  I tried to rub my tummy to soothe him but he seems to like that and kicks even more.  🙂  Silly boy.

Yesterday, I picked up my mom and we went to Pearl City and hit TJ Maxx (this is the one to go’s less crowded, but the one at Pearlridge and Ward has more selection I think).  She got to use the mother’s day gift card I gave her and bought a few things.  As always she asked me if I wanted to get a quilt comforter (because I LOVE quilts)…and I had to put my food down and say I had no room in my closet.  Which is true.  She always gives me quilt comforters.  Okay, so one is already ripped and I’ve had it for years but it’s so soft and worn down, I LOVE it.  She told me to throw it away so she could buy me this new one.  No mom.  I love you, but stop.

Afterwards we decided to go to Pearlridge Shopping Center for lunch and I needed a bathroom, hey I’m pregnant.  But first we stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond because I wanted to get a grill pan and use my gift cards plus my mom has never been there.  We went and I almost didn’t make it…she wanted to go in every aisle and my feet were hurting and I needed to pee!  We eventually made it out of there with a few things.

Headed to Pearlridge Shopping Center and found a restroom, hooray!  I had to admit, I was hurting.  I had tweaked my hip sometime that night and now it was really hurting so we went to the food court to eat lunch.  Afterwards we walked around a bit and saw the TJ Maxx grand opening and yes we went in…to get the free tote bag they were passing out at the door.  HAHA.

My free tote from the Pearlridge Grand Opening

But that was it…I said we had to go back home.  I was done.

Dropped my mom off at her house, said hi to my sister and then left for my own home.  Yup I definitely tweaked something.  But that didn’t stop me from baking…why do I do this to myself?  I finally attempted the Pull Apart Cinnamon Bread I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest.  By the way, I think I’ve attempted at least five or so recipes from Pinterest, which is awesome 🙂  Thank you Pinterest!  I seriously love it.  And my husband loves me for loving you too.  hehe…

This is the bread before going into the oven.

And after being in the oven…my hubby and I are almost done with the loaf…boo!

The recipe is found here:

I’ve realized since moving far from town, where all the restaurants are that I could drive to and buy food from – I’ve been cooking so much more because I can’t afford to drive into town all the time.  And after making the bread yesterday I’ve decided I really need some good kitchen tools.  A Kitchen Aid mixer would help a big deal since I bake a lot.  A bigger kitchen would be even better!  Oh someday….

Huge…and gorgeous!

Okay, okay it doesn’t have to be THAT huge, since I’d have to clean the darn thing…but space is good.  I need more counter space.  I can dream…but I can still cook in my little kitchen, that’s for sure.

Doesn’t help that I’ve been watching “Diners, Dirve-Ins & Drives” on the Food Network…I’ve been so hungry today!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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