Sunday Morning Banana Muffins

Aloha Kakahiaka!  (that’s good morning in Hawaiian)

I learned that in the 4th grade in my Hawaiiana class along with a few other phrases and that’s the extent of my hawaiian. 🙂  So don’t expect more.

It’s one of those mornings.

I woke up to a sore tummy at 6am and decided to stay up and have some hot tea since my dogs seemed roaring to get downstairs and start the day.  At 6am (sigh).  Plus the bigger I get in pregnancy, the harder it is to get a good night’s sleep: aching hips, aching hands, not comfortable at all.

I will have to admit though – I love quiet mornings.  When I had a full time job and had to wake up at 4:30am to get ready and catch the bus into town, I did NOT enjoy that.  But waking up with no where to rush to on a lazy Sunday morning, even if it’s at 6am…there’s nothing like it.

To settle my stomach, I decided to heat up some hot water to drink some tea.

My Dala Horse mug and some English Teatime Tea

The tea really did the trick.  But it was still only 6:30am and too early to feed the dogs so I looked around the kitchen and saw that I had 3 bananas on the verge of being overripe.  I think I blogged about this before – how I hate fruit going to waste.  So I scoured Google for a really easy banana muffin recipe and found one.  Here’s the link

And it was really easy.

My husband is still sleeping and since it’s Sunday I don’t want to bother him.  He works hard and deserves to sleep in as late as he wants.

So as quietly as I could in the kitchen I started to bake.

Batter Up

While I baked, I saw that the dogs that woke me up earlier were now back asleep.  What the heck?

Nani Girl not feeling well, her tummy is gurgling and she woke me up just to eat grass outside. So she may throw up later.

Sky in her usual hide out. The corner of the table. She woke up thinking I was playing with her though.

Whoops – the hubby just woke up and came downstairs.  He said he smelled the muffins and got excited.  🙂 HA!

Checking on the muffins. Baking nicely!

Decided to write this post and Sky decided she was awake again and it was play time.  She started squeaking her caterpillar toy and looking at me.  Why does this dog have the energy to play all the time? But she’s so cute.

Play time mommy? Yeah right.

So it’s now almost 8am as I finish this post.  Everyone’s wide awake except Nani-Girl, oh now she’s awake because she heard a doorbell ring on the t.v. She barks when that happens.  It’s funny and annoying at the same time.  But she’s blind, she can’t help it.

Let’s check out the muffins!

All done!

We’ve got enough muffins to last the week (hopefully).

Have a happy Sunday all! And thanks for reading 🙂



6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Banana Muffins

  1. you are such a great chef yolanda! i have been meaning to make banana bread (tons of banana’s i’ve had to freeze from starting to turn brown), but you’ve just inspired me to make them into muffins instead…lovely writing! have a wonderful day/night and hope you’re feeling well.
    hugs, heidi
    life full of loves

    • i’m a good baker…chef…that’s pushing it! i made buttermilk fried chicken the other day and i failed, the chicken was still bleeding a little *eew* i’m trying to work on my entrees!

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