27 Weeks, End of the 2nd Trimester

Okay, so since week 26 I’ve been thinking I’m in my 3rd Trimester.  I think because I felt like I got huge and then I was feeling different, more headaches, more aches in my hip, the middle fingertip on my right hand is just numb all day and night.  Well I’m not, this week is the last of my 2nd trimester and next week I’ll be 7 months pregnant.  Wow!

27 Weeks


Whoa, where did the time go?  In my doctor’s appointment last mongth, I had gained 5 lbs in 4 weeks so my doctor told me to watch my food intake because baby was growing perfect, but she just didn’t want me to be gaining too much on my own person.  I totally understand – I mean I’ll have to lose this weight after I give birth so she’s just trying to make it easy on me.

Today I had my 4 week appointment again.  I did a glucose screen test first and I didn’t think the orange flavored juice was bad at all – I’ve heard horror stories, but I’m glad it was way better than what I was expecting.  Now will I pass my test?  I don’t know!  I’m pretty anxious to see my results.  Baby started kicking a lot though after that orange drink.  Maybe he didn’t like it? LOL…

But my appointment went really well.  My blood pressure is looking good, my baby’s growth is perfect, his heartbeat is strong, and my weight?  I only gained 2 lbs in 4 weeks.  Yay!

Strangely enough in the last week, all the cravings I had during the peak of my 2nd trimester has subdued.  Now I don’t really know what I want to eat, which can be a problem too, because then I’ll wait until I’m starving and a headache coming upon me.  But I’m glad the dessert craving has toned down.

And since I’m doing so well, instead of seeing my doc in 2 weeks (because after the 28th week I’m supposed to start seeing her every 2 weeks) – she said I’m doing so good that she’ll see me in 4 weeks!  Is it weird that I wanted to see her in 2 weeks?  I feel so much more relieved seeing my doctor and hearing Elijah’s heartbeat, so honestly, if I could go see her every day just to have her reassure me he’s okay, I WOULD!  Haha 🙂

But I left the doctor’s in a happy mood.  I’m always happy when I hear his heartbeat.

There is a lot going on in the next 4 weeks.  Josh and I have a staycation this weekend in Waikiki.  Josh turns 34 next Wednesday.  Then it’s my nephew’s 7th birthday.  We also start lamaze classes and we have our maternity ward tour at Queen’s Medical Center.  Top that off, we have to set up the room before Josh goes to see his grandmother in Nebraska in the beginning of July!  Then there’s the baby shower and I think my cousin’s son’s birthday party also.  There are graduation parties that I may not be able to attend, but that’s okay.

Soon baby Elijah will be here and I CAN NOT wait.  By the way, the neighbor to the right of our house, their pregnant.  The house right across from them and us, their pregnant.  And then there’s me…lol..what is in the water?!  We all look about the same size too.  Crazy.

My webcam on my laptop is so unforgiving, I’m sure if I tried my best to pose right, I wouldn’t look so huge.  But then again….who am I kidding?!  I am huge!  I’ve gained 14 lbs with Elijah in me…but all so worth it. 🙂

Baby bump

My love

Thanks for reading!



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