Glory Days / Glee

I forgot that the graduation episode was last night but my hubby recorded it on DVR (thanks babe!).  My hubby and I didn’t religiously watch it this season.  But we caught the few last shows leading up to this graduation and goodbye episode.  I loved it!

Loved that they sang one of my favorite songs by Bruce Springsteen “Glory Days”.

I made a burned cd years ago with that song on it.  I made that cd for my dad who put it on repeat for a few years.  I remember playing that cd to put Isaiah to sleep when I babysat him.  I remember playing that cd to play pretend rock band with Jacob.  Jacob was the guitarist and lead singer of course.

But of course watching this graduation episode made me think about when I was about to graduate high school, oh back in 1996…lol…whoa.

I remember opening my acceptance letter to Mount St. Mary’s College on the front steps of my house.  I didn’t want anyone to know it came in the mail. If I didn’t get in, I didn’t want to have anyone see my disappointment.  I remember just holding the envelope thinking this is what will determine the next 4 years of my life.  Kind of like the scene when Finn, Rachel and Kurt opened their letters.  It was scary, exciting and awesome.  I got in and I remember telling my mom since she was home.  She was not happy! LOL…:-)  I mean I think she was amazed I got in but the thought of me leaving, was such a no-go for her.  It took me months to convince her to let me go!

And then Rachel and Finn…:-( I knew they wouldn’t get married.  It was still sad thought to watch as he brought her to the train station (but I love that he did understand she had to go and he had to do his own thing too) – high school romances are so sweet and tender.  Then comes LIFE.   Although, I can understand the urge to get married so young, especially when things in school are ending and you just don’t want it to end…well, I did want some things to end.  I wanted more than high school.  I wanted college.  I wanted to be in a different place, meet different people, to just live differently.  I had my whole life to be married.  I was watching the episode and thought, ahhh such is life!  Really.

Leaving for college was one of the best things I ever did in my life.  I learned so much about different cultures and myself.  Plus, in my case, home was always going to be there.

But the song Rachel sang in the end was so perfect “Roots Before Branches”.  Here’s the original…by  Room For Two.

It was a great episode, one full of tears.

But hey..there is always the glory days of Glee and of our own lives.

“Glory days, well they’ll pass you by, glory days…”





2 thoughts on “Glory Days / Glee

  1. i saw the end part of the show and still have it saved on my dvr! i’m always a cryer in these types of shows too! ha! i have to watch it before they take all our electronics away for the move!!! …i’m so glad you ended up going to the mount and got a chance to meet you! 🙂 hugs

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